Tuesday, July 29, 2014

digital revolution

Fr. Denis Lemieux's book on technology, philosophy, + theology, 2013
you say you want a [digital] revolution
well, you know
we all want to change the world
you tell me that it's evolution
well, you know
we all want to change the world (The Beatles - Revolution, 1968)
as we celebrate the feast of St. Martha today, i thought i would post my book review of Fr. Denis Lemieux's latest book, on technology and staying human, staying Christian.  as Martha was worried and distracted by many things, we too can understand what she was going through!  indeed, we are in the middle of a digital revolution.  how do we choose the better part?  of course, we do not turn our back on our responsibilities, on our ministries, our work, etc., but we need to find balance!  i enjoyed his book.  indeed, i think it is a commentary on Martha and Mary, from a technological, Christian point of view.
I always enjoyed technology – indeed, I spent five years of my life as a computer programmer staring at the blue screen of death. It was the light I needed to come to know God in Our Lord Jesus Christ. I had lost my balance and started believing that I was made for technology. However, as the Gospel of Mark reminds us, “the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” (Mk 2:27) Technology is made for man, not man for technology. I guess how we use this technology is always the question. 
Last year a friend of mine bought me the book from one of my seminary classmates, “The I-Choice: Staying Human in a Digital Age”, by Fr. Denis Lemieux (Justin Press, 2013).

I finished it within the week. A short book, eleven chapters helping us regain that balance à la Martha and Mary (Lc 10:38-42). I love my digital family, and the Archdiocese of the Internet is growing each and every day! But it is difficult not to get lost sometimes! Like Martha, I get distracted and worried by many things: Instagram, Twitter, facetubing, and youbooking, blogging, etc.! There are many things that push for our attention, and Fr. Denis invites us to choose the better part, an invitation at staying human! 
The book helps us realize our need to choose like Mary, to find that time of silence during the day, a silence which speaks to the heart. I enjoyed Fr. Denis' use of philosophy and theology to introduce the topic. His pop culture references often made me laugh! Like Martha we all have responsibilities, and in this context, must use technology wisely. Fr. Denis reminds us that technology is made for us. We should take time and reflect on how these technologies help us. Our choices should lead us to grow in our relationship with God, with neighbour, with self.
I recommend this book because it does help us review our use of technology, thereby allowing us to stay human. Fr. Denis Lemieux has been a member of Madonna House since 1991, and was ordained a priest in 2004. He has a licentiate in sacred theology and has written two books on Marian spirituality and theology. He currently resides in Combermere, Ontario where he divides his time between teaching, writing, and spiritual direction. 
you know Fr. Denis has a blog !!!  go check it out!  St. Martha, Martha, Martha, pray for us!  : )  peace!

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