Saturday, September 07, 2013

welcome to the jungle

Chris Jones - First day of school, 2013

"welcome to the jungle,
we've got fun and games"
(Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle, 1987)
i miss blogging, i really do.  i haven't been here in a while, i know.  have mercy on me.  as the wheels on the bus go up and down, so does life.

my last post was back in June, graduation and the end of the school year for many.  now, it seems right to post something new at the start of a new school and pastoral year!

that kid in the picture, ... was, is, and might forever be me!  anywho, we can talk more about that later, maybe after you treat me to a nice beverage?

school is never over.  we are always learning.  learning hopefully to make the right choices.  i always thought that if the teacher only taught -- insert subject here --, then they have failed at their job.  teaching is not only about a subject, but about life!  have you ever gone back to your school years later to thank a teacher?  what exactly do we thank them for?  i remember going back to Moncton High School, Quispamsis Junior High School, + Elementary, Notre-Dame Elementary School (now closed), years back thanking a few of my favourite teachers.  sometimes i forget what they taught me, but of course, they taught me much more!  i do not need to name movies based on all of this, it has become a stereotype now.  but it is good to say thanks! and obvious is the need for good teachers ( + priests).
"welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day
ya learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play
if you hunger for what you see you'll take it eventually
you can have everything you want but you better not take it from me"
as the #backtoschool French article discusses (indeed a great commentary on the above picture), it will also be on the school bus that children learn many things.  indeed, some may find or loose Faith.  as the GNR song goes, if all we learn is multiple choice, and forget about living life, we become animals.  it will become a jungle out there if we have no roots, and it will bring us to our knees.  on my mind lately is the lack of direction from these so called Quebec Values charter, the violence in different countries, our homes, and parishes, and now the Frosh Week scandals at St. Mary's University (SMU) in Halifax.  what exactly are we learning in our schools, parishes, homes?
"the Instagram video is embarrassing to St. Mary’s University, but it should embarrass Canadian society in general.  It’s time that we realized that healing our culture will take more than decades of ‘no means no’ campaigns. Pro-lifers realize this. So welcome to another school year (welcome to the jungle).  We have work to do."  (NCLN, 2013)

so, now what?  choose, but choose wisely (à la Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).  -- (reflection EN, FR via Salt & Light) -- we must choose God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  He becomes the foundation of our lives.  indeed, he is the only orientation and direction needed!  He is the game changer.  He changes everything!

we have been invited by our Holy Father today to pray for peace in Syria.  we seek peace in our world, in countries, in our families, parishes, and in our hearts.  one thing is fo sho:  the road towards peace always begins in prayer.  in this new school and pastoral year, let's choose God, and He will give us His peace.  seek to know Him better.  love Him more.  follow Him more closely.  remember, we are in the jungle, but not of the jungle.

over and out.  werd.

ps.  SMU's apology for the frosh week jungle.

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