Sunday, September 22, 2013

ready to start

"meep, meep" Road Runner
"now you're knocking at my door
saying please come out with us tonight
but i would rather be alone
than pretend i feel alright"
(Tears for Fears - Ready to Start, 2013)
guess what?  chicken butt!  no really, Tears for Fears is coming out with a new album, so i hear!  to celebrate, and to thank music, they decided to cover this Arcade Fire song!  genius, indeed!  i love it!!!

i'm just back from my annual priestly retreat (with ABp), and BAM!  i'm ready to start!  the zeal of the new evagelization, which is always present, is seeking new ways to make itself known!  how do we proclaim God in Our Lord Jesus Christ to a world, to a culture, which is tired, angry, or indifferent?!  let's talk.

i'm always open to suggestions.  indeed, we have a suggestion box in our parish.  here's is my paradox.  some say they want shorter homilies.  others can't get enough.  what is a priest to do?  if my preaching is not short and to the point, people get upset.  if my preaching doesn't say enough, people get upset.  seriously, i am open to your ongoing comments here!!!

however, doesn't it also depend on where people are on their faith journeys?  have they had a conversion?  do they know the love and mercy of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ?

one thing that Michael Dopp, my retreat director, has brought to my attention is the plea to improve the preaching of parish priests, and specifically, how it must proclaim and return to the kerygma:  the preaching of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ!  this changes everything!  indeed, sometimes i would focus on the catechism.  that's great, ... only if you already know Christ.  how about my brothers and sisters who are only now experiencing the joy?  they need things better explained, and more to the point?

the retreat was great!  he focused on the kerygma, through the lens of the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, underlined by our call to holiness and to mission.  as my ABp often says, "got faith?  share it!"  our call to holiness is to know and love God.  our mission, then, is to share Him with others!  i'm always looking for new ways, new examples in sharing the Good News.

i'm ready to start, + looking forward to this new year.  we had our first Ottawa Challenge Cursillo exec meeting, and we are already preparing for the retreat in November!  i've already visited école catholique Paul VI, and will be visiting école sécondaire catholique régionale de Hawkesbury in October.  the pastor has already talked about a few things, and i'm ready to start - sooner than later.  who's with me?


ps.  Tears for Fears, followed by Arcade Fire live + Ready to Start:

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