Saturday, September 14, 2013

can't hug every cat

Claude Théberge - Cat, 1996?
"sorry, i'm being emotional
i love cats
i love every kind of cat
i just want to hug all them
but i can't, i can't hug every cat
i am a cat lover, and i love to run."
(Schmoyoho - Can't Hug Ever Cat, 2011)
is it bad that i enjoy this video, a lot?  hello, my name is Fr. Jonathan Blake, and i love cats, i love every kind of cat.  yep, i'm a little emotional.  i had two cats growing up - Pantouffle, + Noisette.  my mom has, had, will have cats.  my sister has cats.  i look forward in visiting friends who have cats!  i know priests who have cats in the rectory!  i love cats, i love every kind of cat.  and i want to hug all them.  i just love them!
"i think about how cute they are, ...
and how their ears,
and the whiskers and the nose, ...
i just love them!"
wow!  but there is the problem!  i am allergic.  quite, actually.  yet, throughout junior + high school i managed.  today, i'm not quite sure, and there is the paradox.  i love cats, but i can't touch them, or i will die. :(  i've been singing this ditty in my head for a while, and i'm not the only one who has a love-hate relationship with cats.

as you can see, Claude Théberge, the painter, surely has an obsession.  but we are in good company, since Jim Davis is like me too - allergic!  he loved them so much that he created Garfield!  that's right!  i just blew your mind, i know.  no probs!

that's it.  i just want to be on the record, that i love cats, i love every kind of cat!


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