Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday smile

El Greco - Pentecost, 1596
"all i want is the best for our lives my dear,
and you know my wishes are sincere.
what's to say for the days i cannot bear
a Sunday smile we wore it for a while ... " (Beirut - Sunday Smile, 2007)
what is it about indie music that makes me feels holier indier-than-thou?  abide in God's love (Jn 15:9), and listen to indie music.  you will feel at peace with Him, and with your neighbour.

come Holy Spirit!  today is Pentecost, and i love singing the Sequence - it always brings a smile to my beardless face. :)  happy birthday to You, Holy Mother Church, "c'est a ton tour, de te laisser parler d'amour"!  (2011, 2012)  come Holy Spirit, during this Year of Faith, help me know God better.  come Holy Spirit, help me love You more.  come Holy Spirit, help me follow You as a disciple of Christ, and witness to the Resurrection.

party hard, pray harder.  peace.

ps.  go Pittsburgh go!

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