Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i feel better

Pope Francis I, booyah!

"i feel better" (Hot Chip - I Feel Better, 2010)
white smoke!  what can i say?  i'm not sure yet.  but, i was tweeting (starting with, "the bells are dancing in #hawkesbury union de prière") random thoughts while watching with the world.  incredible!  beautiful.

i remember back in 1995, my dad, two of his friends, and a cousin and i, embarked on a 400Km canoe trip, down the Grand River, Goose Bay, NL.  it was a ten-day journey that i will never forget.  i enjoyed everything about it.  however, like everything, there were ups and downs.  my dad and i were in the same canoe, and we didn't always see eye to eye.  we didn't agree on everything - then, or today.

since Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI renounced his ministry, we had no pope to steer the boat (Holy Mother Church).  i remember trying to steer the canoe when i was first learning, when i was a kid.  i was all over the place.  though Dad and i didn't always agree, i was happy to know he was steering the boat in the right direction.  i feel better today, knowing that we have a pope, that Pope Francis I, is now steering the boat.

however, our Faith is not only about him.  to think that he is the only one responsible is, ... rather, we are all responsible.  while in the canoe, i was in the front, and my dad strongly depended on me to know when obstacles were coming up.  where are we going from here?  i'm not sure either.  but, as we have been praying at each and every mass since Feb. 28, i do know that our Holy Father, Pope Francis I,  will help steer us towards God in Our Lord Jesus Christ. to know Him better.  to love Him more.  to follow Him more closely.  peace.

ps.  CHECK OUT His Grace, ABp Prendergast, on CBC tonight.  i found this while checking out Top 10 Facts about Pope Francis I, via CBC.

pss.  check out the video by Hot Chip.  don't worry about the real video, rather focus on this great performance live from Glastonbury ... (with steel drums and all):

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