Thursday, March 14, 2013

ball of confusion

Pope Francis + technology loop
"well, the only person talkin'
'bout love thy brother is the preacher
and it seems, nobody is interested in learnin' but the teacher
segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, aggravation,
humiliation, obligation to our nation
ball of confusion, that's what the world is today
... and the band played on."  (Love and Rockets - Ball of Confusion, 1986)

ball of confusion.  that's how i felt in the past few days, especially yesterday.  it seems that i was experiencing a Portlandia episode, stuck in a technology loop! (a programmer's worst nightmare).  every now and then the secretary popped into my office making sure i was ok.  i was stuck in the internet following the news of our Holy Father:  twitter, facebook, instragram, texting, and finally later to coverage via tv.  it all came to a sudden halt, though!

when we saw Pope Francis, and he called us to prayer.  he called everyone in St. Peter's Square, and the world that was watching, to silence.  wow!  un silence qui parle!  he asked us to pray for him, and he would pray for us.  a good start to the Petrine ministry.

now what?  what does this all mean?  and what about the name?  does the name come from St. Francis of Assisi, St. Francis Xavier, abbé François Kibwenge (my pastor) or possibly Fr. Francis Portelli of the Archdiocese of Toronto, a classmate of mine (i taught him everything* he knows)?  anywho.  as Fr. Scott McCaig, General Superior Companions of the Cross, mentioned shortly after the news broke:
"Habames Papem! We have a Pope who regularly visited the slums, fought for human rights vigorously, rode the bus to work, lived in a humble apartment and cooked for himself, was a great admirer of John Paul II, dedicated to the new evangelization, and had no problem chastising and calling out the corrupt leadership of the Argentine Government. Rumour has it he was in the running in 2005 and made an emotional appeal not to be elected. Described by all as exceedingly humble, brave, and holy. Not sure if he's named after Francis of Assisi or after Francis Xavier, but appears to be a man who imitates both. Wonderful! My heart is filled with gratitude to Jesus and Mary for yet another saintly couragous pope."
among all the confusion, don't forget to take a moment each and everyday, in silence.  a silence that speaks to our hearts.  we listen to the voice and will of the Father, growing in our relationship with His Son, always trying to be attentive to the Holy Spirit.  peace.

ps.  i just realized Love and Rockets version is a cover of  The Temptations original song, from 1970.  i'm not sure they succeeded.  but it was cool in 1986.

pss.  do while until loop, if, then, etc., anywho, i forgot how to speak code.  but this is awesome (episode from Portlandia, "Technology Loop and 'Mind-Fi'"):

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