Monday, January 21, 2013

ma mère chantait toujours

"ma mère chantait toujours la la la
une vielle chanson d'amour que je te chante a mon tour
ma fille tu grandiras et puis tu t'en iras
mais un beau jour tu te souviendras à ton tour de cette chanson là" (Ginette Reno - Ma Mère Chantait Toujours, 1969?)

last week i mentioned about the ups and downs of this time of year - preparing our children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  the question here of every parish, priest, team, family, Church, is how to share the Good News, how to share the joy of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ to the next generation.  obviously something has to change.  "if we keep doing what was done, we will get the same results." (see CatholicTechTalk)  for parents of our children in the parish, the good news is that we will be offering a second registration date.  please stay tuned for more information.

what is being lost, somewhere, somehow, is song here by Ginette Reno.  i love this song!  [tangent:  she will be in Ottawa in March at the NAC] it speaks of a mother sharing a love song with her daughter.  of course, years later that same daughter would naturally remember this song and share it with her children.  if Faith is the love song in question, then we are no longer one generation behind, but two.  we do not know our Faith anymore.  i know this because first and foremost, i am part of that very generation.  as a young pup i grudgingly went to Church with my family, and have even worst memories of preparing for my Sacraments.  nonetheless, i do have memories of this love song.  and today, i try hard with many to share the joy, the peace, the love that is God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  everyday i continue to learn.

what happens, though, when one does not pass on the faith?  the love song is forgotten, and we no longer have the words or language to share the joy of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  at times, we struggle to remember that song that once was taught, or worst, we forget it all together.  then, of course, the steps have begun to spread the wrong message about God, Holy Mother Church, and, etc ...

today, we are not one generation, but two generation behind in preaching the Good News, and in understanding our Faith.  parents today - who have not been properly formed (not their fault) in the Faith, struggle for reasons in order to go forward with baptizing their children, preparing them for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion, and finally, Confirmation is often forgotten.  of course, we are all aware of the decline in the Sacrament of Marriage too.  (more on this decline via Salt & Light Television)  this same generation now has a new obstacle.  not only do our brothers and sisters have difficulty with sharing their Christian identity, but the lack of formation now makes it difficult for them to deal with death - they often struggle with what to do when someone dies.  how to prepare for a loved one's funeral, for example.  in their preparations and journey through grief, the Church community is often forgotten, and, or, ignored altogether.  for example, the increase in a simple celebration at the funeral home is rising significantly   people prefer a Liturgy of the Word, rather than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  of course, i'm only taking about Catholics at this point.

Judo, London Olympics 2012
last week i was in the middle of this complex discussion - with brother priests, parents, + schools.  trying to rest, i ended up watching the original (and better) The Karate Kid (1984).  i grow up with this, in fact i was 9 years old!  it made me want to take classes of course.  so, my parents registered me for the program - but since no karate was around, i ended up starting Judo lessons.  [tangent:  Sept-Iles, QC was a hotbed for up and coming Judo stars].  but for me, after one class, i had enough.  i retired from martial arts in 1984.  yet i still have a white belt - the white collar around my neck.

anwyho, the young Danielsan wants to learn Karate and so Mr. Miyagi begins by  teaching him the basics.  what must he do first, but "wax on, wax off."  maybe we have forgotten the basics on faith formation?  we have to register now for the Sacraments, and we should be teaching with joy and passion.

today, what is failing is that we are only teaching the children.  again, if we continue as before, we get the same results.  our programs must address both generations.  sharing this love song in the past was easier because it was part of the culture - we lived in a Christian culture.  even if all involved struggled, together the faith was being shared joyfully!

we do not live in a Christian culture anymore.  but we continue with our programs as if we did.  again, everyone involved - family, parish, school - struggle to share the faith, but no one takes responsibility.  this year we have started a new program for our families.  we must work together.  indeed, it takes a whole community to raise a child - family, parish + school.

during this Year of Faith, i am hopeful, that we are beginning once again with the new evangelization.  we are finding the lost words of our love song, and learning once again the language that God put into our hearts.  let us pray for our children who are preparing to celebrate their First Confession in February, and First Communion after Easter.  pray for our families, parishes, and schools.


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