Monday, December 24, 2012

we're going to be friends

Mother + Child.
"tonight i'll dream while i'm in bed
when silly thoughts go through my head
about the bugs and alphbet
and when i wake tommorow i'll bet
that You and i will walk together again
cause i can tell that we're going to be friends."  (White Stripes - We're Going to be Friends, 2002)
thank you to one and all for your gift of friendship, through the ups and downs of following God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Lord knows i cannot do it by myself.  i know you have my back.  i have yours as well.  i am praying for you all, tonight at our Midnight Mass, .... which is the 10pm mass.  :)

i'm in awe of the Christmas joy flowing through the digital continent today, i found this from Fr. Michael Newman (a classmate) via facebook:
tonight and tomorrow we celebrate Christmas – the feast on which God in Jesus becomes one of us to set us free from all that chains and enslaves us and through his life and example to show us how to live as sons of God in the world. In his Christmas homily in 1620 Francis spoke of Jesus as “Love coming into the world to set us free.” This Love frees us from our past and leads us into the future of 2013. 
Or, as stated in the song “Sigh No More” by Mumford and Sons, this divine Love “will not betray you, dismay or enslave you; it will set you free. Be more like the man you were meant to be.”
and from me, Merry Christmas.  Joyeux Noël!  party hard.  pray harder.  May God bless you, and Mary protect you.  peace.

update:  the video:

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