Friday, November 30, 2012

new soul

"i'm a new soul
i came to this strange world
hoping i could learn a bit about how to give and take
but since i came here
felt the joy and the fear
finding myself making every possible mistake" (Yael Naïm - New Soul, 2008)
on this day, 30 november, in 1975, guess what?  chicken butt.  no really, ... it was the birthday of moi, a new soul, and i have been finding myself making every possible mistake since.  what can i say, ... i'm still learning, even after these many years.  as my grandfather told my mom, and as she keeps reminding me, "we don't all get the chance of growing old."  it is a grace given to us by God, and i am joyful knowing i am walking this walk with you all.

thank you + merci to all my peeps - in person, and across the digital continent - for the many beautiful birthday wishes + prayers!  i received hugs + love through facebook, twitter, email, + yes, even snail mail!  good times!  i celebrated mass (St. Andrew, pray for us!) at 9am with the faithful, and after the final blessing, a non-liturgical song for me erupted to my great surprise   bonne fête!!!  i'm still smiling.  the cake and coffee afterwards also came in handy.

i also had a surprise visit from my dad.  he dropped by last night, treated me to supper, and i humbled him in a few games of pool!  you can i say i have a few skillz, yo!  i'll challenge you in squash, badminton, and pool.  at the same time, too. :)

plus, on my birthday i don't have to worry about setting my alarm clock.  that's where my mom comes in!  every birthday since i left home she calls me earlier, and earlier - trying to beat her best time from the previous year, to be the first to wish me happy birthday!  good times! :)  this morning was her new best record:  3:43 AM.  ok, i'm exagerating a bit, as i always.  i love that about mom, merci maman!!!  however, around her birthday time, i always warn her that it is my turn to call! :)

as St. Andrew brought his brother, St. Peter, to Jesus, so my parents shared with me their gift of faith in God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  through them, i grew to love God, love Holy Mother Church, and found my strength in prayer.  i love mom.  i love dad!  merci!

once again, merci + thanks to all of you - family, friends, brothers and sisters!!!  you are always in my prayers too.


ps.  i'm now growing older (wiser).  maybe that's why i found a (as in one) gray hair today.  time for:

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