Monday, November 05, 2012

lonely boy

Paul Anka, b. 1941, Ottawa, ON
"i'm just a lonely boy
lonely and blue
i'm all alone
with nothin' to do 
i've got everything
you could think of
but all i want
is someone to love" (Paul Anka - Lonely Boy, 1959)
that's right, we all need God in Jesus Christ!  but sometimes we do feel lonely.  that's true of single people.  that's true of those married.  that's true of those who have made promises and vows of celibacy.  the good way of abiding in God's love is to find people who will show you that love.  as someone told me last week, in order to preach the Good News, you have to first experience the Good News.  that's why it is important to take time with family and friends.  how much more important then to take time with God.

this week, all the English priests - with His Grace - of the Archdiocese of Ottawa are going to be away on Study days, rekindling that love of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  as we begin to focus more and more on new evangelization, it is important for us who preach God, first experience God!  please pray for your parish priest!

we are going to spend 4 days in God's country - Mont Gabriel, Saint Adèle, Qc.  a few speakers are invited to speak on the theme of new evangelization.  1) Mr. Peter Herbeck is the Vice President and Director of Missions for Renewal Ministries, working to equip Catholic lay people to respond to the Holy Father's call for a new evangelization with the parish.  2) Dr. McNamara is Assitant Director and Faculty Member of the Liturgical Institute, University of Saint Mary of the Lake in Mundelein.  His Ph.D. is in Architectural History, University of Virginia.  How do our churches help serve an evangelizing role?

therefore, not much blogging for the next couple days.  however, i maybe Instragramming.  they are study days after all, not a silent retreat.  i'll be back here on Thursday, for another retreat day with all Region IV French priests of the Archdiocese, a meeting in Alfred, On (more on that later).  again, please pray for your parish priest(s).


ps.  the video:

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