Thursday, August 30, 2012

ice cream

"Your love is better than ice cream
better than anything else that i've tried." (Sarah McLachlan - Ice Cream, 1999)

i'm sick.  i've got a man cold again, that is ... a serious cold (une grippe d'homme).  what is a young priest to do?  God's love is the best, indeed, but ice cream helps in this situation.  please pray that i survive.

the last few days, weeks, there has been a change in the weather.  and, my allergies have started acting up, exponentially.  all these factors have exploded into a full blown man cold.  i will struggle with the bad, in order to do the good, à la St. Paul.

taking it easy today, i reflected more on the Eucharist - the theme for the past month.  i remember hearing someone talking about the centrality that it deserves in our lives.  when a man refuses to eat, we conclude that he is sick, that there is something wrong.  similarly then, when a man refuses to go to Mass, to the Eucharist, to be with the community, should we not conclude that there is something spiritually wrong?  as we enter the Year of Faith, let us pray, "increase our faith!"


ps.  i may not eat food, but ice cream somehow always works - at least at some levels.  what else should i do to rid my body + soul of this man cold?

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