Sunday, July 15, 2012

hot hot hot

Hot Hot Hot in Dublin, Ireland!
me + "hat" @ closing mass, June 17, 2012
"see people rocking, hear people chanting: feeling hot hot hotkeep up this spirit, come on let's do it: feeling hot hot hot
it's in the air - celebration time
music sweet - captivate your mind
we have this party song, this fundamental jam
so we go rum-bum-bum-bum yeah we rum-bum-bum-bum feeling hot hot hot, feeling hot hot hot"
(Buster Poindexter, Hot Hot Hot, 1987)
i missed what seemd to be the hottest week in Ottawa, while away on vacation in the beautiful Maritimes, visiting family and friends!  however, the heat continues, and i had to skip running a few times this week 'cause it was hot, hot, hot!  this reality is not only true of the summer, but more importantly, of the stirrings and promptings of the Holy Spirit is at work within us!!!

God, in the Holy Spirit, is always at work, and i've seen Him in action all over the place - Hawkesbury, Ottawa, Maritimes, Dublin, and especially in our hearts!  i can't list them all, but here, for example through yesterday's annual blessing of the motorcycles; in Ottawa, through Annunciation of the Lord's VBS week, in Halifax, where CCO Impact has been preaching the joy of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ, in Dublin, where i still have very good memories, and just last week on arriving from the Maritimes - God's country, and of course daily, through the ABp's blog!  it has been hot, hot, hot!

that's the Gospel this Sunday (Mark 6:7-13)!  go out, two by two, preaching the Word of God, annointing + curing the sick!  as Our Lord reminds us though, we won't always be welcomed!  why do people, why do we, have a hard time listening to the Word of God:  shyness, fatigue, anger, indifference?

now that i'm back home, ministry has begun!  this week i received a called for the Sacrament of the Sick.  since only priests can do this, we try to leave everything in order to answer these calls!  i said i would be there before lunch, and so i went.

i arrived at the street, and realized i had forgotten the address!  merde!  i started looking around for a door to knock on, and the the Holy Spirit prompted me to start with that one!  what happened when i knocked?
"no thanks!  i'm not interested!"
i was shocked!  the person answering the door - visibly upset with my presence - had no time for a simple hello, or can i help you.  why is that?  was he shy, tired, angry, or maybe indifferent to God's prophet?  i didn't have a silly hat on my head, and i thought i looked fairly presentable ... anywho, i asked him if he knew the family in question.  nope.  i went down the street, and found the family, and as the Gospel mentions today:  "and they cast out many demons, and anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them."

this is a great joy in the ministry of a priest - to be with families, bringing hope and healing through God in Our Lord Jesus Christ!  however, not everyone is ready for the Good News!  why is that?  again, are we shy, tired, angry, or indifferent?  Our Lord reminds us today (Mark 6:11):  do not let yourself be discouraged by the negative weclome encountered.  be faithful to the mission, continue to preach the Gospel, the Good News of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ!  there will be bumps on the road, ups and downs, but let us be faithful to our promises, to our mission!

hot, hot, hot!  indeed, the Gospel is being proclaimed all the time!  and as BXVI once said: 
"there is nothing more beautiful than to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ. There is nothing more beautiful than to know Him and to speak to others of our friendship with Him.  (Inauguration homily, 2005)
i feel great joy in participating in this fire of the Holy Spirit, proclaiming, sharing the joy of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ!  as the Gospel mentions though, two by two ... i need your help!  thanks for your encouragement, support, and prayers!!!  happy Sunday!  peace.

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