Tuesday, June 05, 2012

in the aeroplane over the sea

Paroisse St-Alphonse, 1942
(now Paroisse Saint-Pierre-Apôtre)
"what a curious life we have found here tonight
there is music that sounds from the street
there are lights in the clouds" (Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane over the Sea, 1998)

guess who is going to be on TV?  not me.  but our parish, Saint-Pierre-Apôtre, will be!!!  for the next two Sundays (June 10th + 17th), Radio-Canada's Jour du Seigneur will televise our Sunday mass.  if you have a chance, check it out, live at 10am.  unfortunately, it just happens that i am away - those two weekends.  bummer.  maybe next time ...

oh, there is a next time?!  indeed!  stay tuned for October 7th, live once again de chez nous!  why?  because this year our parish, and Hawkesbury will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the regional Eucharistic Congress that took place in 1942 (pics 1, 2, 3)!  from one Eucharistic Congress to another.  i won't be on TV, however, i maybe one of the commercials - since i did a short interview with Radio-Canada on all things IEC2012.  depending on timing, etc., they may show my face for two seconds!  let me know, since i will miss the whole thing!

the exact dates of the regional Congress were 26 - 30 August, 1942.  i've written an article in the next Catholic Ottawa, coming to a parish near you (EN, FR)!  instead of underlining this event in August, or September, we decided to wait to party hard, and pray harder, come October 2012!  we are now preparing a committee to help with these celebrations!  interested?  please continue to pray for the success of the next 50th International Eucharistic Congress.


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