Thursday, June 07, 2012

i turn my camera on

me, i'm a genius.
"i turn my camera on
i cut my fingers on the way
i feel me slippin away
i wipe my feelings off
y'made me untouchable for life
yeah and you wasn't polite" (Spoon - I Turn My Camara On, 2005)
guess what?, ... chicken butt.  guess why?, ... chicken thigh.  enough of that.  now i need to prepare for all things IEC2012.  as i mentioned, there is a Starbucks not too far from me while in Dublin.  how much money should i get for coffee?  400, 500 euros should cover it, eh?  therefore, i went shopping for a money clip the other day.  i decided on no for Hugo Boss' $200, and no on ThinkGeek's Batman money clip.  now what?  office supplies to the rescue!

my camera is on, and i'm looking forward in documenting all things IEC2012 for you.  stayed tuned to:
10-4.  over + out.  peace.

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