Sunday, May 13, 2012

turn to you

Mom + me, May 2009 in Saint John, NB
(i was just ordained, shiny and new)
"then you found the Lord,
you gave your life to Him,
and you could not ignore,
the love He had for you, ...
i still turn to You." (Justin Bieber - Turn to You, 2012)
happy Mother's Day!  some children give cards, flowers, clean their rooms, etc.  Justin, sings a new song, and i can create a new blog post!

happy Mother's Day maman, i love you!

i heard of this song this week, via CFRA preaching the Gospel.  not to be outdone by my classmate, Fr. Frank, i needed to blog again about Justin Bieber.  i'm happy to see he is doing ok, after cutting his hair that is!  keep it up!

during the week, all priests pray, reflect, sometimes procrastinate to finish the Sunday homily.  i had an idea of what i wanted to say on this 6th Sunday of Easter, end of March for Life, and  Mother's Day.  and then, on Friday, i hear the good news - Justin's new song to his mother - thanking her for choosing life.  beautiful!

happy Mother's Day to all.  enjoy this beautiful day.  also, let us continue to seek her, Holy Mother Church, who always gives us life by helping us know, love and follow her son, God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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