Saturday, May 12, 2012

the only place

He is the vine.  we are the branches.
Prince Edward County, May 2012
"why would you live anywhere else?
why would you live anywhere else?
got the sun, we've got the waves
this is the only place for me" (Best Coast - The Only Place, 2012)

the only place for me is Holy Mother Church, i love Her.  speaking of marching for life, i enjoyed the monthly luncheon of all the ministers in our regions, this past week!  i was happy to be invited, and hope to attend often!  after almost a year in the area, i seem to be finding somewhat of a groove.

a few could not make it, but the Catholic Church, Presbyterian, United and Anglican were present: Phyllis Dietrich, Heather Meyer, James Douglas, pastor of Presbyterian Church in Vankleek Hill, Dana Fisher, abbé Gilles Marcil, avec Claire Diamond, Michael McKillop, Julia Douglas and me. (more links when i get them)  it was an ecumenical gathering, luncheon, over at Nicko's restaurant.  i enjoyed  it ... a glimpse of unity - that they all may be one!  stayed tuned for different events happening in the region.

our time together gave me another glimpse of the theme to the next International Eucharistic Congres:  The Eucharist:  communion with Christ, communion with one another.  how can i have communion with my brothers and sisters, without communion with God in Our Lord Jesus Christ?  then i pondered Madonna House's (after seeing Fr. Denis at the March For Life), "i am third!"  (don't forget the 'h' as a friend of mine used to say).    God is first.  neighbour is second.  i am third.  indeed, God in Our Lord Jesus Christ wants to be first in our lives.  without Him, without being in communion with His grace and His Church, how can we have any unity with our brothers and sisters?  this is the only place for me!

there was unity on the Hill this past Thursday - everyone was marching for Life.  however, there are always a few against life, on the other side.  i saw a few, read many more things via twitter, and yet, ... we are all called to unity.  we all have something to say in the conversation over Life.  some people, though, would rather not participate.  the issue is not on how many people there were.  the issue is Life.  let us pray that all may be one.


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