Monday, May 28, 2012

it's a small world

Rovio's Angry Birds
it's a small app world after all
it's a small app world after all
it's a small app world after all
it's a small app, small app world (Disney via Sherman Brothers - It's a Small World, 1966)
another post promoting all things IEC2012 in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

do you know that feeling, when you've heard a song one too many times?  bingo!  this was one of them for me, until i changed one of the words - app!  i'm awesome.  you see i just crossed one word out, and put another in.  cool, eh?  anywho, enough of that.

just a quick update on how it is truly an app world after all.  since getting my smartphone, my whole world changed.  a slight exageration, however, my routines have been affected.  i now drink my coffee with Google Reader and Tweetdeck.  upload a few pics using Instagram.  entering into Ordinary Time with Angry Birds.  the app list goes on and on.  indeed, i often see Top 10 Apps for this and that, thrown around by mashable.  apps are taking over this world, and again, one has to be careful on how they are used (Martha + Mary).  why do people get smartphones?  not to call people, but to play Angry Birds, and use apps.  it's true, really.

for example, last week i came across a list of must-have summer apps!  one of them was Touchnote - take a picture, send a postcard!  wow!  i was all over that one.  since i am 1 week 5 days (and counting) away from Dublin, i am planning to send postcards.  i like this app - even before using it - because it will save time in looking for postcards while away, finding necessary stamps, and minimizing writing down addresses and message.  this app is awesome!  look for a postcard near you.

anywho, speaking of Dublin, and the next 50th International Eucharistic Congress, you can follow me (and group) during the week, using - what else - their app!  peace.
CONGRESS COUNTDOWN: 1 WEEKS 5 DAYS 22 HOURS 18 MINUTES 43 SECONDS. The 50th International Eucharistic Congress (IEC2012) will feature the unveiling of a Healing Stone during the Opening Ceremony in the Royal Dublin Society on June 10th. Please continue to pray for our pilgrims at Sunday Mass (possible prayer for intercessions): For our pilgrims, preparing for the next International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, and all of us, that we continue to deepen our faith in the Mystery of the Eucharist: communion with Christ, communion with one another, we pray ...  
1, 2, 3, on y va: COMPTE À REBOURS AU CONGRÈS: 1 SEMAINE 5 JOURS 22 HEURES 18 MINUTE 43 SECONDES! Le 50ième Congrès Eucharistique Internationale débutera par le dévoilement d’une pierre appelée Healing Stone durant la célébration d’ouverture qui se tiendra dans le grand centre de rassemblement, le 10 juin prochain - cela en signe de soutien pour les enfants qui ont été victimes d'abus par des membres du clergé. Cette pierre a été choisie comme symbole de ce Congrès eucharistique après consultation avec plusieurs personnes dont les victimes. L'abbé Kevin Doran, secrétaire générale du Congrès, dit ceci: La pierre nous parle de permanence. La pierre nous parle de notre désir ferme de guérison et de renouvellement. Dans la tradition chrétienne, la pierre roulée au tombeau de Jésus est symbole de la fin de sa vie terrestre et du commencement de quelque chose de nouveau, la Résurrection. Nous sommes conscients du fait que pour plusieurs personnes, ainsi que pour les membres de leurs familles, les abus dont elles ont été victimes leurs paraissent encore comme autant de pierres qui pèsent lourd dans leur coeur. Nous devons les aider, tous ensemble, à rouler cette pierre afin qu'elles puissent en être guéries et libérées. SVP continuez de prier pour nos pèlerins aux messes dominicales et pour chacun, chacune d’entre nous afin que nous puissions continuer d’approfondir notre foi dans le Mystère de l'Eucharistie et vivre en communion avec nos frères et sœurs dans le Christ.
update:  of course, as @elisiasq reminds me, the first app i downloaded was iBreviary for Android, followed by the Bible.

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