Sunday, May 20, 2012

bohemian rhapsody

Brothers Grimm' Snow White
+ the magic mirror, 1812
is this the real life?
is this just fantasy?
caught in a landslide
no escape from reality
open your eyes
look up to the skies and see (Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody, 1975)

another post promoting all things IEC2012 in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

i went to see the movie Mirror Mirror last week.  be careful which mirror you look into, ... you might just see yourself.  in fact, mirrors often distort the truth.  we see what we want to see.  life ceases to be life and becomes fantasy.  let us raise our eyes to things that are above.

today is World Communications Day (taken from the Ordo, book on the Liturgical Calendar):
today Catholics are invited to reflect upon the media of social communication (films, radio, television, newspapers, audiovisuals) and how these influences our lives.  the media can promote values that lead to a more fully human society.  the Church's ministry is twofold.  the media can be used to help promote the Gospel.  at the same time, as receivers of the materials presented by the media, the faithful have a duty to support and promote worthwhile presentations on media and reject those which promote values contrary to spiritual growth. 
journée mondial des moyens de communication sociale:  en cette journée de réflexion et de prière sur le rôle et l'importance des médias dans la société, une attention toute spéciale est accordée aux artisans des grands moyens de communication sociale, notamment aux chrétiens qui y oeuvrent à titre professionnel.  pour l'Église, les médias sont à la fois un lieu privilégié de dialogue avec la culture moderne et une nouvelle place publique pour la proclamation de l'Évangile.
social media like google+, twitter, facebook blogs, and runkeeper, you mean?  of course, Christians should be using new media to proclaim the joy of the Gospel, some just do it better than others.  the movie last week reminded me of a course i took on psychoanalysis during my seminary days.  i wrote a paper on this so called magic mirror.  the problem with mirrors, is that we see what we want, and forget about 99% of everything else.  what are true mirrors?  that, of course, is you!  as in God, the Bible, and you.  in fact, i need you, to be me (à la Martin Buber's I & Thou).

for example, facebook.  i tried to separate myself from this concoction for sometime.  i have a blog with links on it ... why then, do i need another space for links (this is not 1994 where GeoCities is king)?  surely  facebook is more than links?  yet, welcome to the Internet ... just another place to be ignored.  ok, a bit harsh, but even  facebook helps us understand reality - nothing new under the sun (also depicted through their recent IPO).  people's profiles are like icebergs:  we only see what is above the surface.  everyone knows that 95% of the real person is hidden, inside.  there are reasons why you only show so much on the Internet, why there are so much talk about privacy laws.

and so, facebook and the mirror analogy align.  social media is good to proclaim the truth.  i had a good time last week posting links and having discussions because of them - difficult discussions, nonetheless.  why is it that today people are afraid (ashamed) of their virginity, while others see no problems, no worries in coming out?  there was much to do about the secular case against same-sex marriage vs. Zach Wahls.  don't our children need both a mother and a father?  at one point, our culture was centered on the child.  today, not so much.  there is an exhibit at Ottawa's Science and Technology Museum that is causing much controversy.  this lead into the resulting discussion centered on childhood (againstfor).   facebooktwitter, and all other types of social media can help with our discussions, which allow us to focus on others rather than self.  the  magic mirror, like this controversial exhibit, puts the focus on the self, and we have already seen how distorted the self can really get.  what do i see when i look in the mirror?  who do i see when i look into facebook (with no dialogue)?

anything that helps us out of our cliques (turned in on self) - be they in school, at work, in the parish, social media, or in our hearts, is good for us.  if we are centered on our self we will not grow.  we are meant to be in community, and dialogue is healing.

i need you (family, reader, social media, etc.), to be me.  please continue to pray for our pilgrims on their way to Dublin for the next International Eucharistic Congress 2012 (in 2 weeks, 6 days).  in the mystery of the Eucharist, i see who i am.  child of God.  son of the Father.  disciple of Christ.  temple of the Holy Spirit.  peace.

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