Wednesday, April 11, 2012

comeback kid

Carravagio - Doubting Thomas, 1601
i know You tried so hard, but you can't even win
You gotta try a little harder, You're the comeback kid (Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid, 2012)
another post promoting all things IEC2012 in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

happy Easter!  Christ is Risen, alleluia!  He is truly Risen, alleluia!

i hope you all had a good time with family and friends.  Holy Week was a blur, as well as the Easter Triduum, but it was beautiful indeed.  followed by a baptism with some friends, Chris + Josée, and the star of the show, our new sister in Christ, Léa!  congratulations!!!

in baptism, we died with Christ, and so now we experience newness of life.  (CCC #1987, Romans 6:4).  however, with the reminder of the reading of the disciples of Emmaus this week, we often forget about our relationship with the Risen Crucified Christ.  God, in Our Lord Jesus Christ, is standing beside us, and we are kept from recognizing him.  how many times do i run my route, passing a neighbour, with no look, with no hello?  i see it at mass, i see it in the grocery store.  it see it on Twitter, and on Facebook.  we - myself included - don't understand, and get disoriented.  now what?

Christ is Risen, alleluia!  He is truly Risen, alleluia!  the comeback kid continues to surprise us!  He is always present!  we know him through the Word of God, where Scripture prepares us to open our eyes to Him truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist.  please continue to pray for the pilgrims - our brothers and sisters - who are preparing for the next International Eucharist Congress, in Dublin.

The countdown is on:  CONGRESS COUNTDOWN:  8 WEEKS 4 DAYS 3 HOURS 32 MINUTES 53 SECONDS, at the time of this writing.  Please continue to pray for the Congress, and our group who will be meeting in at the end of April. 
The Risen Crucified Christ gathers us together.  The action of processing signals the beginning of the celebration. The procession – large or small – calls to mind for us the journey dimension of our lives.  All of us are on a holy journey together. The people of Israel journeyed in the desert ‘on eagle’s wings’ under the guidance of Moses, Joshua and others towards the promised land (Ex 19:4). God provided them with manna as food for their journey. Jesus himself gathered disciples around them and together they journeyed up to Jerusalem. On a more profound level, Jesus spoke of his journey in terms of passing over from this world to the One he called ‘Abba’ Father. As we see in the case of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, after his Death and Resurrection, the Risen Crucified Christ re-ssembled  is Messianic community who had been so shattered by the apparent total failure of his mission.  He transformed his disciples to become followers of what they soon called ‘the Way’ – ‘Jesus Christ himself being the Way, the Truth and the Life’ (Jn 14:6). At every Mass Jesus Christ assembles this people to celebrate the great memorial of his Passion, Death and Resurrection.  This memorial unites us and makes us share in the victory of our head, the new Joshua, who leads us on our journey into the new promised land of communion with Christ and with one another. (#60, The Eucharist:  Communion With Christ And With One Another, Theological and Pastoral Reflections)

1, 2, 3, on y va:  COMPTE À REBOURS AU CONGRÈS:  8 SEMAINES 4 JOURS 3 HEURES 32 MINUTE 53 SECONDES, quand j'ai commencer à écrire.  S.V.P continuez de prier pour le Congrès, et pour notre groupe qui va se rencontrer à la fin avril. 
Le Christ Crucifié et Ressuscité nous rassemble.  La célébration commence par une procession. La procession – qu’elle soit grande ou petite nous rappelle  que notre vie est un pèlerinage sur la terre. Nous sommes tous en chemin ensemble. Le peuple d’Israël marchait dans le désert « sur les ailes d’un aigle » guidé par Moise, Josué et d’autres, vers la Terre Promise (Ex 19, 4). Dieu leur envoyait la manne, nourriture pour leur marche. Jésus lui-même a réuni des disciples autour de lui, et ensemble ils ont fait route vers Jérusalem. A un niveau plus profond, Jésus parlait de sa route comme d’un passage de ce monde à Celui qu’il appelait « Abba »,  Père. Comme nous le voyons dans l’épisode des disciples d’Emmaüs, après sa mort et sa  résurrection, le Christ Crucifié et Ressuscité a réassemblé sa communauté messianique, qui avait été  ébranlée par l’échec total apparent de sa mission. Il a transformé  ceux qui le suivaient , pour qu’ils deviennent disciples de ce qu’ils  appelèrent rapidement « la Voie » (Jésus étant  lui-même la voie, la vérité et la vie [Jn 14, 6]). A chaque Messe, Jésus Christ rassemble ce peuple pour célébrer le grand mémorial de sa passion, des sa mort et de sa résurrection. Ce mémorial nous unit et nous fait partager la victoire de notre tête, le nouveau Josué, qui nous conduit sur notre chemin vers la nouvelle Terre Promise de communion avec le Christ et entre nous. (#59, L’Eucharistie : Communion avec le Christ et entre nous, Réflexions théologiques)
ps.  go Pittsburgh go! :)

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