Friday, March 23, 2012

where the kids are

Station VI:  Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus,
by John Ilg, 1980, oil pastel on paper
"live it up, you're growing up
parties in the wilderness of life
light it up, just give it up
where the kids are running free tonight" ( Blondfire - Where The Kids Are, 2012)
i love the Way of the Cross.  i just finished leading the Stations with the community here at St-Pierre-Apôtre.  everytime one prays the Stations, one station usually speaks louder than others.  i also like walking with the parish, to know Him better, love Him more, and to follow Him more closely as His disciples.  we are family, and we are making Him known and loved by all.

this week i was in for some rest and relaxation.  every end of the month there is a priestly retreat - this time it was hosted by Fr. Tim, over at St. Margaret Mary's.  Fr. Joseph, from Opus Dei, reflected on prayer.  i guess i really do have more in common with Martha, since i'm always busy doing something, than listening like Mary, at Our Lord's feet.  finally, i had a sometime to pray in adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  i didn't want to be there yesterday.  however, after half an hour, Our Lord gave me the peace i needed, and the rest of the day was amazing!
insert George Vanier quote here!  (CCO President, Jeff Lockert, can you tweet me, please?)
after the retreat i went home to change, because i had an important event to attend - CCO's Meet the Movement fundraiser gala!  it was fantastic - indeed, that's where the kids are!  those who know God, in Our Lord Jesus Christ, are always young at heart, and it was good to be encouraged by their friendship!  it was great to see many familiar faces, and get to know new people too.  last night, after a hard day, after a hard week, after 4 weeks of Lent (already?), they were my Simon's, helping me carry my cross.  they were my Veronica's consoling me on the journey.  these holy men and women are seeking the face of Christ, and it was a beautiful evening sharing in their joy!
"The Church must be present in these groups through her children, who dwell among them or who are sent to them. For all Christians, wherever they live, are bound to show forth, by the example of their lives and by the witness of the word, that new man put on at baptism and that power of the Holy Spirit by which they have been strengthened at Confirmation. Thus other men, observing their good works, can glorify the Father (cf. Matt. ES:16) and can perceive more fully the real meaning of human life and the universal bond of the community of mankind." (Ad Gentes, #11)
the keynote speaker was the new Archbishop of Gatineau, Mgr Durocher.  he spoke on Vatican II's decree Ad Gentes (on the Mission Activity of the Church), focusing on paragaph #11, on Christian witness.  this year, in October, mark's the 50th anniversary of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council.  it also begins the Year of Faith.  i think i will try to revisit all 16 documents, who's with me?  anywho, Mgr Durocher, who've i met a few times, highlighted that the mission is not only out there, but right here, with our friends, neighbours, brothers, and sisters.  what is our message:  the joy of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  i was filled with peace and joy last night, and was once again moved to seek the face of Christ, and to make Him known and loved by all.


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  1. Thanks Fr. Jon, your vocation and calling is an inspiration for young people as well...and the young at heart. Annunciation won't ever forget you!