Saturday, March 17, 2012

these are the daves i know

Michelangelo's David (1504)
"these are the Daves priests i know, i know
these are the Daves priests i know
these are the Daves priests i know, i know
these are the Daves priests i know" (Kids In The Hall - These are the Daves I Know, 1990's)

i have a new section on my blog - these are the priests i know, i know, these are the priests i know!  go check them out.  i know some better than others, but i do know them.  a few were my classmates over der in da seminary, and others i met through the diocese.  they have good things to say as well, ... that is when they decide to write something.  i will add more as i find more of their blogs.  if you have any to recommend, please keep me posted.

this song is considered comedy, ... in 1990's.  the Kids tried a new show not too long ago, 2010, but i couldn't watch it - i didn't find it very funny.  however, as an angry teenager in 1990s, i was all over it.  the kids themselves are ok though!  this song continues to be on repeat everytime i see a "Dave" (and now a priest) somewhere.

for example:

  • Dave, and Dave, friends over at AOLP
  • Fr. David Bergeron, ...
  • Dave, the semanirain - to be ordained in a parish near you!
  • Dave Randorf, TSN guy, ...
  • Dave Grohl, drummer for Nirvanna, singer for Foo Fighters, and ...

"some of them are Davids
[Dave Gort: But most of us are Daves]
they all have their own hands
but they come from different moms"
and, of course, my favourite, King David.  a great sinner, but better known to Our Lord, as a man after his own heart!  as we continue past mid-point of Lent, pray for me and the priests of the Church.  as we continue to fall, pray that we always continue to desire to know better, love more, and follow more closely God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

happy St. Patrick's day.  party hard.  pray harder.  peace.

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