Saturday, March 31, 2012

je reviendrai à Montréal

who's who in this picture?
je reviendrai à Montréal
dans un grand Bœing Toyota Corolla bleu de mer
j'ai besoin de revoir l'hiver
et ses aurores boréales (Robert Charlebois - Je Reviendrai à Montréal, 1976)
another post promoting all things IEC2012 in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

before diving into Holy Week, i decided to take a couple days of rest and relaxation.  i drove to Montreal where my brother priests welcomed me.  i also leaned towards Montreal this time because i heard through the grapevine (facebook), that there was an upcoming International Conference on all things Charles Taylor.  i must admit i haven't read much, excpect for the intro to A Secular Age.  another brother priest told me about him, and i became interested a couple years ago.  after attending this great conference, i think i'll pick up that brick once again.

side tangent:  before mentioning the conference, i also brought my running gear.  running down Sherbrooke St. East, all of a sudden i was hearing "go to Joseph".  being at the bottom of the hill, i wasn't too crazy about the idea - however, it is the beginning of holy week, and time to go up the mountain!  after asking a few people how to get there, i finally arrived (@runkeeper).  as i posted through facebook, i needed prayers when i got to the top, i was almost, but not quite, dieing!  to give you an idea of the hills in beautiful Montreal - i was one street over from St. Joseph Oratory, and yet i couldn't see it - because of all the buildings, and hills.  to make it even worse, i had more hills to tackle on the way home!  how is that possible?!  anywho, enough of this tangent.  more on my own running philosphy later.

back to all things Charles Taylor, and IEC2012 will link in there somewhere, i'm sure!  i got there in time for the afternoon session on Thursday, and decided to attend Friday morning and evening only.  today, i came back earlier since i had a homily to write!  there was many interesting subjects - philosophy of language, my fav English and French tensions, charter of rights and freedom, more politics, and of course, much on secularization.  you can see a glimpse of what took place, because i ended up tweeting live during the conference.  i was surprised how little attention it got through the internet bubble.  anywho.  i was particularly intertested in talk on dialogue and conversation with the other.
"However there must be an engaged pluralism, a dialogue with those who disagree ..." (me via twitter)
we need to have respectful conversations with each other if we are to live together in one happy family.  secularization has lead to a great disrespect to those who have faith (was the inverse true 500 years ago?).  but now, in a post-secular age, both parties can + must listen to one another.  Cardinal Collins mentions the same via Catholic Register:
"Believers are not inclined to leave their faith at home, or in the sacristy, nor to agree to the secularist assertion that the public square must be purified of religious input," Collins said. "People of faith who, if nothing else, make up a large portion of the population in our democracy, will continue to propose their insights in the political process, and to act through the voluntary organizations without which our society would be a crueler place."
let me finish here, since my tummy is growling.  the ideas on conversation leads us to communion.  indeed, the more we know the other, the more i know myself.  Christians will not always like what other people have to say, but we too must engage in respectful conversation.  we don't always know what to say, but not to worry.  just get the conversation going, and enter into the mystery.  more on all things Charles Taylor later, once i figure out just what happened!  peace.

The countdown is on: CONGRESS COUNTDOWN: 10 WEEKS 4 DAYS 19 HOURS 14 MINUTES 53 SECONDS, at the time of this writing. Please continue to pray for the Congress, and our group who will be meeting in a couple weeks. The Logo, entitled People in Communion, was designed on behalf of the Congress Committee by Martin Barlow of Portadown, Co. Armagh.
The design concept is based on the idea of people “from every nation, race, tribe and language” (Rev.7:9) being drawn together in Communion as “One Body” formed by faith in the person of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, and the sacrifice he made upon the cross. As Martin Barlow explains: “Our sense of community, belonging, celebration and acceptance is captured in the design by the graphic representation of the people with both arms outstretched. There are two separate sources of inspiration for the design: 
• Paragraph 7 of Lumen Gentium, which reads: “Really partaking of the body and blood of the Lord in the breaking of the Eucharistic bread, we are taken up into communion with Him and with one another. Because the bread is one, we though many, are one body, all of us who partake of the one bread.” 
• Paragraph 3 of the Encyclical Letter Ecclesia de Eucharistia of Pope John Paul II, which sums up the design, reads: The Church was born of the paschal mystery. For this very reason the Eucharist, which is in an outstanding way the sacrament of the paschal mystery, stands at the centre of the Church’s life.

1, 2, 3, on y va: COMPTE À REBOURS AU CONGRÈS: 10 SEMAINES 4 JOURS 19 HEURES 7 MINUTE 38 SECONDES, quand j'ai commencé à écrire. S.V.P continuez de prier pour le Congrès, et pour notre groupe qui va se rencontrer bientôt. Le logo, intitulé Les Gens en Communion, a été conçu par Martin Barlow de Portadown, Co. Armagh.
Le concept est basé sur l'idée de personnes "de toute nation, race, la tribu et la langue» (Ac.7: 9) qui se centrent dans la communion comme «un seul corps» formé par la foi en la personne de Jésus-Christ, l'Agneau de Dieu, et le sacrifice qu'il a fait sur ​​la croix. Comme Martin Barlow explique: «Notre sens de la communauté, d'appartenance, la célébration et l'acceptation est capturé dans la conception par la représentation graphique des personnes ayant les deux bras tendus. Il s’est inspiré de deux sources distinctes : 
• Le paragraphe 7 de Lumen Gentium, qui se lit: "Vraiment participer au corps et au sang du Seigneur dans la fraction du pain eucharistique, nous sommes élevés à la communion avec Lui et avec l'autre. Parce que le pain est un, nous bien que beaucoup, sont un seul corps, nous tous qui participons à ce pain unique. " 
• Le paragraphe 3 de l'Encyclique Ecclesia de Eucharistia du Pape Jean-Paul II, qui résume la conception, la lit comme suit: L'Eglise est née du mystère pascal. Pour cette raison, l'Eucharistie, qui est d'une manière exceptionnelle le sacrement du mystère pascal, se dresse au centre de la vie de l'Eglise.

Friday, March 23, 2012

where the kids are

Station VI:  Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus,
by John Ilg, 1980, oil pastel on paper
"live it up, you're growing up
parties in the wilderness of life
light it up, just give it up
where the kids are running free tonight" ( Blondfire - Where The Kids Are, 2012)
i love the Way of the Cross.  i just finished leading the Stations with the community here at St-Pierre-Apôtre.  everytime one prays the Stations, one station usually speaks louder than others.  i also like walking with the parish, to know Him better, love Him more, and to follow Him more closely as His disciples.  we are family, and we are making Him known and loved by all.

this week i was in for some rest and relaxation.  every end of the month there is a priestly retreat - this time it was hosted by Fr. Tim, over at St. Margaret Mary's.  Fr. Joseph, from Opus Dei, reflected on prayer.  i guess i really do have more in common with Martha, since i'm always busy doing something, than listening like Mary, at Our Lord's feet.  finally, i had a sometime to pray in adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  i didn't want to be there yesterday.  however, after half an hour, Our Lord gave me the peace i needed, and the rest of the day was amazing!
insert George Vanier quote here!  (CCO President, Jeff Lockert, can you tweet me, please?)
after the retreat i went home to change, because i had an important event to attend - CCO's Meet the Movement fundraiser gala!  it was fantastic - indeed, that's where the kids are!  those who know God, in Our Lord Jesus Christ, are always young at heart, and it was good to be encouraged by their friendship!  it was great to see many familiar faces, and get to know new people too.  last night, after a hard day, after a hard week, after 4 weeks of Lent (already?), they were my Simon's, helping me carry my cross.  they were my Veronica's consoling me on the journey.  these holy men and women are seeking the face of Christ, and it was a beautiful evening sharing in their joy!
"The Church must be present in these groups through her children, who dwell among them or who are sent to them. For all Christians, wherever they live, are bound to show forth, by the example of their lives and by the witness of the word, that new man put on at baptism and that power of the Holy Spirit by which they have been strengthened at Confirmation. Thus other men, observing their good works, can glorify the Father (cf. Matt. ES:16) and can perceive more fully the real meaning of human life and the universal bond of the community of mankind." (Ad Gentes, #11)
the keynote speaker was the new Archbishop of Gatineau, Mgr Durocher.  he spoke on Vatican II's decree Ad Gentes (on the Mission Activity of the Church), focusing on paragaph #11, on Christian witness.  this year, in October, mark's the 50th anniversary of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council.  it also begins the Year of Faith.  i think i will try to revisit all 16 documents, who's with me?  anywho, Mgr Durocher, who've i met a few times, highlighted that the mission is not only out there, but right here, with our friends, neighbours, brothers, and sisters.  what is our message:  the joy of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  i was filled with peace and joy last night, and was once again moved to seek the face of Christ, and to make Him known and loved by all.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sure shot

My first mass, St-Joseph's Orleans
(thanks Poppy for the picture, via facebook)
"you can't, you won't and you don't stop
ad rock come and rock the sure shot" (Beastie Boys - Sure Shot, 1994)
another post promoting all things IEC2012 in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

flowing from yesterday's post on fatherhood, i recall other words that Brother André often said to people.  he was a father to many, helping everyone on the journey of holiness.  that pilgrimage, that journey is difficult if it was not for the sure shot:  God, in Our Lord Jesus Christ, truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist.  we all have our wounds, and we fall down at times.  in order to walk upright, let us continue to lean on the the Sacrament of Confession, and on the Sacrament of the Eucharist.
St. André de Montréal disait souvent, « allez à Joseph ». Nous avons priez St. Joseph cette semaine, et plusieurs sont rencontrer à l'Oratoire St. Joseph pour priez le patron de l'Église Universelle, le patron du Canada, et le patron principale de notre diocèse. Demandons son intercession durant ce temps Carême pour suivre son, de grandir dans l'amour de Marie, et de Dieu en Jésus Christ, qui est réellement présent dans l'Eucharistie. Le frère André aimait que les gens vivent en harmonie avec leur foi. Il leur disait souvent : « Vous mangez trois fois par jour pour soutenir votre corps; alors, allez communier surtout pour soutenir votre âme! »

St. André of Montreal often said, "go to Joseph". We prayed to St. Joseph this week, and many went on pilgrimage to St. Joseph's Oratory to pray the patron of the Univeral Church, the patron of Canada, and the principale patron of our diocese. Let us ask his intercession during this time of Lent to follow his example, of always growing in our love for Mary, and for God, in Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is truly present in the Eucharist. Brother André always wanted people to live in harmony with their faith. He often told them, "You eat three times a day to nourish your bodies; therefore, go to communion, in order to nourish your soul."
peace out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

never tear us apart

Guido Reni, St. Joseph 1640-1642
"don't ask me, what you know is true
don't have to tell you i love your precious heart
i, i was standing, you were there two worlds collided
and they could never tear us apart" (INXS - Never Tear Us Apart, 1988)
for 1.5 years, i stared at the words in the santuary of St-Joseph's Parish, in Orleans, "allez à Joseph".  i just finished a novena to St. Joseph - patron for the Universal Church, for Canada, and principal patron of the Archdiocese of Ottawa.  and yesterday, his feast day, brought back many good memories of my internship year, and a summer as a deacon, and struggling to find meaning in the words, "go to Joseph".  i have prayed to him for a long time, and yesterday praying with the community, St-Pierre-Apôtre, gave me that extra boost i needed to return to him.  go to Joseph.

many of my parishioners went to St.Jospeh's Oratory in Montreal.  we were nonetheless in communion with them as we prayed in the church, recalling the beautifuls words of St. Brother André of Montreal, "go to Joseph"!  i think we need him more than ever.

last week, on my day off, i went to see a movie with Fr. Tim, director of vocations for the Archdiocese.  i had a wonderful day off, chillin' and relaxin' with friends, but afterwords i felt the beginnings of a headache.  as Fr. Tim and i sat down for supper, i remembered our plans to go see a movie - A Separation.  i had never heard of it before, and was definitely not interested, when he told me about the subtitles - the movie is in Persian.  i persevered, and loved it.

hmmm, .... loved it is an odd way of describing it, since it brought up many old wounds.  the movie begins with a husband and a wife about to break up, thinking about the possibility of separating.  the husband agrees, but the issue then becomes the child.  the movie highlights in a very real way the inhumane pressures put on our children today due to such separations, divorce, etc.  children are never meant to be put in that situation.  of course, sometimes that is the choice that must be taken for several different factors, but ... St. Joseph, pray for us.

my parents separated in 1987.  i am part of Generation X.  i never liked that term.  you could understand it as "'X' marks the spot", or possibly, "'X' - nope, cross it out".  Gen X, sometimes, is the generation no one wanted.  indeed, how many people have suffered separation + divorce in those years, and today our current no-fault divorce is the fruit of such feelings.  at one point, our culture often heard, "let's stay together for the children."  you don't hear that anymore.  go to St. Joseph.

we all have a longing in our hearts to love, and to be loved!  we need love from our mothers.  we need love from our fathers.  it is never an either-or situation.  it is always a both-and situation.  and if one parent is missing, the child will never be at peace until they find out what happened.

children who have lived through separation or divorce have wounds, some that go very deep.  also, how many friends do i know who have been adopted by loving families, but still naturally wonder about their biological parents.  we need to know!  and i'm glad that we have that desire to know, since it brought me closer to my own family!  but the wounds of us all, have alienated us from others.  of course, today, we are also beginning to see the fruits of same-sex couples.  children being brought up in same-sex environments, are now growing up, finding their voice, and will start sharing a message that, i think, will highlight their wounds too.

go to Joseph!  the healing of one person, is the healing of us all.  our hearts are broken, and we are all wounded.  however, St. Joseph, the protector of families, can help us find healing.  indeed, families today need him more than ever.  not only for families who are breaking up, but for those who remain together.  there will always been an attack on families.  it seems, though, that things have picked up a bit.  Joseph, Mary, Jesus, the picture of the Holy Family, can help us all become family again - parents, children, clergy, laity, parish, Church.

St. Joseph, pray for us.  let us continue to follow his example, of always growing in our love for Mary and God, in Our Lord Jesus Christ.  peace.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

these are the daves i know

Michelangelo's David (1504)
"these are the Daves priests i know, i know
these are the Daves priests i know
these are the Daves priests i know, i know
these are the Daves priests i know" (Kids In The Hall - These are the Daves I Know, 1990's)

i have a new section on my blog - these are the priests i know, i know, these are the priests i know!  go check them out.  i know some better than others, but i do know them.  a few were my classmates over der in da seminary, and others i met through the diocese.  they have good things to say as well, ... that is when they decide to write something.  i will add more as i find more of their blogs.  if you have any to recommend, please keep me posted.

this song is considered comedy, ... in 1990's.  the Kids tried a new show not too long ago, 2010, but i couldn't watch it - i didn't find it very funny.  however, as an angry teenager in 1990s, i was all over it.  the kids themselves are ok though!  this song continues to be on repeat everytime i see a "Dave" (and now a priest) somewhere.

for example:

  • Dave, and Dave, friends over at AOLP
  • Fr. David Bergeron, ...
  • Dave, the semanirain - to be ordained in a parish near you!
  • Dave Randorf, TSN guy, ...
  • Dave Grohl, drummer for Nirvanna, singer for Foo Fighters, and ...

"some of them are Davids
[Dave Gort: But most of us are Daves]
they all have their own hands
but they come from different moms"
and, of course, my favourite, King David.  a great sinner, but better known to Our Lord, as a man after his own heart!  as we continue past mid-point of Lent, pray for me and the priests of the Church.  as we continue to fall, pray that we always continue to desire to know better, love more, and follow more closely God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

happy St. Patrick's day.  party hard.  pray harder.  peace.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

disparate youth

"don't look ahead, there's stormy weather
another roadblock in our way
but if we go, we go together
our hand are tied here if we stay
[...] our lives worth fighting for" (Santigold - Disparate Youth, 2012)
wow!  i have a new favourite station on XM Satellite Radio - Sirius XM U, independent, unsigned, indie rock.  i remember when i first heard Belle & Sebastian's Sleep the Clock Around, when i was -1999 - a cool and upcoming nerd and computer programmer.  they were introduced by a fellow colleague now living in Vancouver, i think.  anywho, after listening to my Top 10, i needed something different and fell on this one!  genius.  i forgot how much i love it!

last week was jammed pack.  preparing the children in first confession, first communion, ironing out details in the IEC2012 pilgrimage, a little vocations work, and, of course, helping out a bit with the National Youth Ministry Conference, CCYMN!  the theme of the weekend was, "be still, and know that I am God."  the pastoral leadership had been meeting all week, and on Friday night, 300 youths (i think) gathered together in adoration at St. Pat's Basilica, downtown Ottawa!  it was beautiful.  lead by a beautiful reflection on being "still in the presence of God", His Grace led us deeper into the Mystery of Faith, in a personal relationship with God in Our Lord Jesus Christ, truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist.  along with praise and worship, a bit of silence, i too was moved to my knees.  with so many things going on, so many details, it was good to slow down, to be still and be reminded that God loves me.  that is how we are different!  we believe in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  and He cares for each and everyone of us!

as Santigold reminds me, there will be ups and downs along our journey.  but we know we are not walking alone, and that life is worth fighting for!  we are faithful to our respective responsibilities, a la Martha, but we remember to pray first, a la Mary.  it was also great to see a couple classmates, including of course Marky Marc and the Funky Bunch, some peeps from AOLP!  good times.  with a great surprise visit from friends today, i'm ready to tackle the week.  peace.