Monday, February 13, 2012

back to life

back to [parish] life, back to reality!  (Soul II Soul - Back to Life, 1989)
after a week off down south, in, i am now back to real life!  i had a great time with family and friends.  i went to visit the good ol' seminary as well.  it's hard to believe that i haven't been back there in almost two years - time flys when you are preaching the Good News.  i have good memories of the brothers at the seminary, and it was good to reconnect with some of them.  i went running three times - once with Fr. Eric, once with Greg -, had many good things to eat, almost enough rest, prayer, celebrated the Eucharist, and just great times catching up with AG, KT, GSB, and many more!  thanks again to all for a much needed rest.

now, back to reality - real life, real tv, real priests!  anywho, as i was sipping on my coffee at the Eaton centre, fascinated by the water fountain in the middle, and trying to figure out why FourSquare wasn't working for me!  i stop counting people after two.  apparently, "every week more than a million people visit Eaton Centre," so it is safe to say that the population of that particular mall, at any hour, would be much more than the population of my town, beautiful Hawkesbury (about 11,000).  indeed, i was a bit overwhelmed by it all.  i grew to love Toronto when i was there, but now ... i prefer a slower pace to life.

however, the pace in parish life is anything but slow!  welcome back to reality!  we are preparing for a couple funerals, baptism prep meetings, preparing our children for first confession + communion, vocations work, new weekly IEC2012 reflections, getting our new website up and running, getting ready for Lent and weekly Stations of the Cross, and, and, and, ... i better write all this down.  have a great week and see you soon.  peace.


  1. Great to hear you had some time for R & R recently, Fr. I've yet to see Sainte-Pierre in Hawkesbury but from the pic on the Archdiocese's website it looks like a beaut. Love the Catholic Ninja shirt! Have you met Clement Ng? I'm pretty sure he has one and wears it to good effect ;-) haha. I'm debating about signing up for the IEC trip... we'll see what the Lord allows for! How's that going?

  2. it was a good week, indeed! this is a beautiful traditional church at the centre of the community. i have this particular t-shirt and wore it often over at AOLP - i love it!!! i also wear it while playing squash at the local gym. at the beginning of the game they have no idea why i would wear such a thing. after i win, it all comes together! good times. the IEC2012 trip is on. the second of third deadline has past, but there is still some room i think. send me an email, or call me at the parish for more details, 613.632.8661. 10-4, over and out. peace.

  3. Oh hi! Just saw this lol. Blogging conversations are hard to keep tabs on, especially when you're off social media for Lent :P Well ignore my other comment on your 2nd most recent IEC post then... this answers my question! Will give you a call to check, but I'm assuming the trip's 3rd deadline has passed by now. At any rate, I'll keep discerning if I'm called to go to the IEC, even if not with the diocese ;) Maybe God'll send a leprechaun across my path.... hahah!

    I'm sure it'll be an amazing adventure. Praying for all the behind the scenes work!