Sunday, January 22, 2012

virtual insanity

"futures made of virtual insanity
now always seem, to be governed by this love we have
for useless, twisting, our new technology
oh now there is no sound for we all live underground" (Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity, 1996)

there's nothing wrong with technology, right?  however, the groovy Jamiroquai hit from the '90s is proving to be prophetic.  i loved this video growing up, and still love this song.  however, there is nothing useless about my new smartphone!  WOW!  indeed, how have i managed to get to this point of my life without it?!  i love it.

on the other hand, i do feel sometimes like the main character of Stephen King's The Lawnmower Man - more particularly, the character from the groovy movie!  (hmmm, there's that word again!)  the movie, apparently, was not all that faithful to the book!  the main dude, starting from nothing, became the experiment of a loving neighbour.  could his neighbour help him get smarter using virtual insanity?  the main dude loved it so much that he couldn't get enough - sort of like Neo as he was becoming the One.  anywho, the main dude from The Lawnmower Man, loved it so much that ... he became part of it, deciding to insert himself, to become part of the virtual insanity - from inside -, ... in order to rule the world.

i don't think i will become my smartphone, or the technology that is now helping me become a better man,  a better Christian, a better priest.  wow, that is some high praises for smartphones, but ... i'm in love!  although Jay Kay's words do ring true.  we do have to be careful of the technology we use, or rather, how we use it.  there might not be anything wrong with da Internet, smarphones, tablets, etc., but we do have to be prudent on how we make use of it.  it is the Martha + Mary parable with a dash of technology thrown in.  if i fail to choose the better part because i'm always playing Angry Birds, then something's gotta give.

this past week, Thursday, i accompanied His Grace to Montreal for a special 400th Anniversary celebration of the Jesuits in Canada, at Loyala High School (His Grace was a student 60years ago, and later a teacher there too).  i helped as MC, and i think everything went groovy.  we left Wednesday night, mass in the morning, spent time with the Jesuit community - His Grace catching up, me making new friends - visited a few religious stores in the afternoon, and back for a 5-7, a reception at the high school.  i got back to Hawkesbury around 9pm Thursday night.  it was a full 24 hours!  everything went well, and thanks to Mr. Smartphone, i even got in a few emails, twitter posts, and texts - yes, even that - i now can text!  insane.  back to Martha + Mary, when did i have time to pray, to choose the better part in a day full of activities?!  no problem, i have a phone of the future!  with His Grace using his smartphone , and me with mine, we load up our iBreviary's and pray Morning Prayer after a breaky, and Evening Prayer on the car ride home.  ah, technology, gotta love it (most of the time)! but with great power, comes great responsibility!

i am enjoying this new technology!  anyone who has helpful hints on how to use it better, which apps to download, etc., please send me some information + details.  now, if i could just figure out how to make a phone call!  peace.

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