Sunday, December 25, 2011

un musicien parmi tant d'autres

The Mystery of the Incarnation:
The Birth of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ
"où est allé tout ce monde qui avait quelqu'chose à raconter
on a mit quelqu'un au monde on devrait peut-être l'écouter."
(HarmoniumUn Musicien Parmi Tant d'Autres, 1974)
je vous annonce une grande joie. aujourd'hui nous est né un Sauveur: c'est le Messie, le Seigneur!  words from the Christmas liturgy, celebrating the Nativity of the Lord.  the above quote comes from the group who helped me with my Movember series idea - that didn't go very far.  no worries.

rough translation reads as, "where has everyone one gone who had something to say?  we have brought someone into this world, maybe we should listen to him."  indeed, the People of God have filled the churches celebrating the birth of our Saviour, and we all have something to say.  He was born for us, let's listen to what He has to say in our lives.  à la Blaise Pascal (who inspired the title of this blog), the truth of the birth of  God in Our Lord Jesus Christ, is a mystery à découvrir, (to be entered into) vs. a problem to solve, or une vérité a imposer.

Merry Christmas, joyeux Noël, et bonne, heureuse + sainte année!  May God bless you in 2012 and Mary protect you!  que Dieu vous bénisse en 2012 et que Marie vous protège!  peace.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

let's get it started

"get started, get stupid, don't worry bout it people we'll walk you through it step by step, like if you're in for new kid inch by inch, with the new solution transmit hits, with no delusion the feelings irresistible and that's how we move it c'mon! everybody, (yeah) everybody, (yeah) let's get into it, (yeah) get stupid (come on) get started, (come on) get started, (yeah) get started let's get started in hah, let's get started in here let's get started in hah, let's get started in here let's get started in hah, let's get started in here let's get started in hah, let's get started in here" (Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get it Started, 2004)
so much for my Movember series, eh?  oh well, i'll plug along with new posts in 2012!  fonse, alphonse!  here we go, getting ready to party hard and pray harder!  about to celebrate The Nativity of the Lord.  Christmas Eve is always busy, and just finished talking with some of the volunteers from TVCogeco about their own Christmas traditions!  (our 8pm Family Mass will be broadcast live, featuring God in Our Lord Jesus Christ with me as his sidekick!)  of course, the French have always loved their parties, our Réveillons!  i remember going to Midnight Mass in Sept-Iles, but having to go to bed afterwards because we were too young.  soon after i loved staying up in Grand Falls, NB with family and friends.  after Midnight Mass, we would come home to a house just getting started with food, gifts, joy and laughter until 6am in the early morning!  great times.  Merry Christmas, + joyeux Noël!  party hard.  pray harder.  peace.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

tellement belle

"t'es tellement tellement tellement belle
un cadeau d’la mort un envoie du ciel"
enjoying my day off today i was moved by the first antiphon from Evening Prayer, "tu es belle ô Marie, et la tâche originelle n'est pas en toi."

today we celebrate The Solemnity of The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Indeed, she is beautiful, truly beautiful with no stain of sin. i was always struck by this day, December 8th. i'm not sure how to understand it, being a sinner myself. with those who know thyself, echoing King David, my sin is always before me. (Ps 51) i remember when Madonna's first greatest hits CD came out, Immaculate Collection. i never understood the title. not knowing too much of my faith then, i thought she was being original. then, many years later, i understood that she was only borrowing from her Catholic roots. this leads into another post about language, and how we forget about the sacredness + truth of our language - this is true in all languages, including the French language in particular. bad language in French is a vandalism of everything that is beautiful in the Church - Immaculate Conception. more on this later.

moved by the Holy Spirit tonight, i had to honour Mary by celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. afterall, she is always trying to help me know her Son better. today, she moved me to know her Son better in the Eucharist! therefore, as a sinner, knowing that where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more, i celebrated Mass, and was moved by the liturgy - my first time using the new English Roman Missal.

the Preface (entitled The Mystery of Mary and the Church, in honour of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary) was rather powerful for me today:

"It is truly right and just, our duty and salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks, Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God.

For you preserved the most Blessed Virgin Mary from all stain of original sin, so that in her, endowed with the rich fullness of your grace, you might prepare a worthy Mother for your Son and signify the beginning of the Church, his beautiful Bride without spot or wrinkle.

She, the most pure Virgin, was to bring forth a Son, the innocent Lamb who would wipe away our offences; you placed her above all others to be for your people and advocate of grace and a model of holiness.

And so, in company with the choirs of Angels, we praise you, and with joy we proclaim:

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts ..."
Mary, is helping me today, to know, love and follow her Son. maybe i should revisit my first love, the Rosary. peace.