Sunday, December 25, 2011

un musicien parmi tant d'autres

The Mystery of the Incarnation:
The Birth of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ
"où est allé tout ce monde qui avait quelqu'chose à raconter
on a mit quelqu'un au monde on devrait peut-être l'écouter."
(HarmoniumUn Musicien Parmi Tant d'Autres, 1974)
je vous annonce une grande joie. aujourd'hui nous est né un Sauveur: c'est le Messie, le Seigneur!  words from the Christmas liturgy, celebrating the Nativity of the Lord.  the above quote comes from the group who helped me with my Movember series idea - that didn't go very far.  no worries.

rough translation reads as, "where has everyone one gone who had something to say?  we have brought someone into this world, maybe we should listen to him."  indeed, the People of God have filled the churches celebrating the birth of our Saviour, and we all have something to say.  He was born for us, let's listen to what He has to say in our lives.  à la Blaise Pascal (who inspired the title of this blog), the truth of the birth of  God in Our Lord Jesus Christ, is a mystery à découvrir, (to be entered into) vs. a problem to solve, or une vérité a imposer.

Merry Christmas, joyeux Noël, et bonne, heureuse + sainte année!  May God bless you in 2012 and Mary protect you!  que Dieu vous bénisse en 2012 et que Marie vous protège!  peace.

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