Saturday, November 05, 2011

pour un instant

"pour un instant, j'ai oublié mon nom
ça m'a permis enfin d'écrire cette chanson blog" (Harmonium - Pour un instant, 1974)
in Church, there used to be public confessions - people in line, standing in front of all confessing there sins ... now there are Movember pictures! i'm really quite amazed how this is really taking off. i used to laugh it off - literally laughing at all the moomoomoooustaches, but now i'm coming around.

a few days ago i'm having my morning coffee, getting my dose of sports highlights through the eyes of Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole from TSN (both of whom are participating, i think? yes, yes they are!) i'm loving ever minute of it - indeed, just yesterday those two were fiddling with each other's moomoomoooustaches. the new and improved word for moustache, or moomoomoooustaches, comes from Danny boy himself - i love it! while they are busy pointing out sports guys with moomoomoooustaches, i have something else in mind for Movember.

i've been away for a while, away from the blog that is. to kick it up a notch, i'm thinking dedidicating this coming month - November Movember, to posts with artists, singers that were "visionaries". they have had the much beloved moomoomoooustaches and for the remainder of this month - i will try to post more often, and i will go to them for inspiration. enjoy.

let's start with our Top 10 of singers/groups with moomoomoooustaches! this idea came to me while working on a homily - many hours went into preparing this particular post, however, i still find it difficult to narrow this list down. just when i think i have found another possibility, the moomoomoooustache connects to the chin, goatee, or worse - nose hair. there are strict rules indeed for who can participate, and how! and i believe at a certain time, these Top 10 had the now all too famous moomoomoooustache. the order of the list was difficult as well. if you think of others, please keep me posted! good times. let's move on already ...

Top 10 Moomoomoooustaches (of singers):
as i mentioned there are plenty more, however the rules of Movember disqualifies many. how about: Usher, God in Our Lord Jesus Christ (always a beard yes, but maybe he too experimented with facial hair at one point in his life?), Stampeders, Bee Gees (again, not quite?), country artists, maybe heavy metal?, ABBA could be in there too, Commodores, Kool and the Gang, Debarge, New Edition: boy band, is it ... could it be, yep, it's a moomoomoooustache! Bieber, nope, not yet, but maybe one day. Bobby Brown, Ja Rule, Nelly, Drake (again, too much connection), Timbaland, Kanye West, LL Cool J (definitely), Blackstreet, K-Ci & JoJo, Slash from GNR couldn't tell because of all the hair in his face, Kanye West (maybe?), Sean Paul, Shaggy, and finally tried country with Kenny Loggins but no go! (ps. i might use some of these as well in the next few weeks.)

cancer is a killer, and nothing like i've seen in the past two months. we've had funerals, and so many of our brothers and sisters wrestle and suffer with cancer. in the past two months, we've had several of our brothers and sisters who passed away battling cancer. this month of November Movember, we pray for all saints, and all souls. see you soon. let the analogies begin. peace.

ps. i don't actually have a moomoomoooustache myself. maybe one day.

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