Sunday, November 06, 2011

il faudra leur dire

"puisqu'on vit dans la même lumière (du Christ)
même s'il y a des couleurs qu'ils préfèrent
nous on voudrait leur dire
c'est comme des parfums
qu'on respire
juste un regard
facile à faire
un peu plus d'amour que d'ordinaire" (Francis Cabrel - Il leur faudra leur dire, 1986)
the first post of my Movember blogging.

someone forgot to give the other 5 girls the memo - don't leave home without a reserve of oil for your lamps. Sunday's Gospel (Mt 25:1-13) calls us to be ready, to stay awake because we know neither the hour nor the day. am i ready? not always, but i trust in God, and in His mercy. the light that shines comes from this oil, this personal relationship with God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

i'm back into squash mode, and my body is feeling it! i have a friendly game this afternoon, and a house game Tuesday night. i'm part of the local gym's squash ladder - i'm working my way to the top! then, on friday?, another friendly rematch with a colleague. good times. add in there a little jogging, and i'll be back up to my 5k in no time. my goal:10k by next summer. peace.

this week is all about Sacramental prep - baptism, First Confession, First Communion and Confirmations. we are looking to build teams to help us - hint, hint, but meanwhile i'll be visiting classes discussing the Good News!

lastly, have you signed up for the next International Eucharistic Congress 2012, Dublin, Ireland? if not, please hurry, since there are only a couple weeks left to do so with the Archdiocese of Ottawa.


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