Saturday, September 10, 2011

beautiful people

"everywhere i go
everywhere that i’ve been
the only thing i see is
is beautiful people
beautiful people" (Chris Brown f/ Benny Benassi - Beautiful People, 2011)
last time i needed a doctor. now i'm recovering! however, that is easy when so many people are taking care of me! indeed, beautiful people! friends from Annunciation and St-Pierre-Apotre are continuing to show me the face of God! why does He love me so much? why does He love us so much?

many people have asked how was the operation?! it was great. i watched the whole thing on HDTV! here's a quick summary of the 20minute surgery on my left knee. i felt like the guy in the Operation game! as the doctor was about to start his turn, i remembered the old rules:
[...] if the tweezers touch the metal edge of the opening (i.e., closing the circuit) during the attempt, a buzzer sounds,
(my) nose lights up red, and the player loses the turn. (see Gospel according to Wikipedia)
i spent the whole day at the hospital - 9:3oam to 4pm. the operation itself was only 20/30 minutes or so, but the prep time and post time really took me off guard. the whole day really was a positive experience - the doctors, nurses and all involved took care of me.

i arrived, and within minutes i was in a chair and they were about to shave my leg! i screamed, "WAIT! don't you need to give me general anesthetics, epidural or something? it took me thirty years to grow that hair! surely there is some other way!" the nurse continued with her job, and all of a sudden i feel like a professional swimmer. good times.

next, the dreaded IV. i must admit was not expecting this one, this came out of nowhere. after the nurse finished cutting the hair i had worked so hard to grow, she started looking around for a good vein on my left hand. i knew what that meant. again, i asked for the epidural but no such luck. i guess that wouldn't have helped anyways. i'm used to IVs, so that was no big deal.

then started the waiting game. i watched people come and go for day surgeries - more than i thought. the hour passed since i was prepared - i brought my breviary and a book. at about 11:30am i started the wheelchair ride over to the surgery table. the doctor had arrived and it was my turn.

now, up until this point, the question for the past 4months was a) general anesthetics, or b) epidural. the third option which was suggested later was c) natural. it was easy to dismiss the third. however, i was going back and forth for months on what to do. as the anesthetic doctor came to talk to me about my options, i said ... i don't know. he told me either or, it doesn't matter. at that point i recalled how it is easier to deal with the effects of an epidural, and so "b" it was! they gave me a nice
cocktail to calm me down, and once on the actual operating table, i received the epidural - just like that. i never saw it coming, nor did i image that my whole lower half would actually be frozen like that! at one point i asked the doctor, "should my leg really do that?" he was moving me around like some flexible, stretchy gummi bear/worm!

i got to keep my glasses before going on the operating table! this of course allowed me to watch everything on the HDTV - two holes, one for the camera, one for the tweezers! they had a hard time finding whatever was the problem. they finally caught it, a piece of bone/cartilage, swimming around underneath my knee cap. apparently it is something that came off my femur at one point in my life. once they removed the piece i asked the doctor if i could keep it. after a few seconds of pause and reflection, he said no.

now came the fun part. un-thawing! it took me two hours before i could move my toes. after almost 24hours of fasting, i finally got a glass of gingerale and a muffin. it took another hour or so before i could start moving my legs, and finally stand and walk. good times, indeed! i was amazed that i was walking after all of this.

now it has been three weeks. the first week was rough. after a week i started walking with no visible limp. after two weeks i was taken the stairs - up and down, and even eventually got on the stationary bike at our local gym. after three weeks, i got on my 10-speed Peugeot for almost the first time in two years. i'm alive!

thanks for all of you, beautiful people, and for your wonderful prayers. within a week the doctor said i could start light jogging. and within two or three weeks i should be back on the squash court. competition, gotta love it!



  1. hey father Jonathon next time you come we can play it



  2. Fr. Jonathan, was just thinking and talking about you yesterday! Hope you are behaving as you tear up the streets of Hawksbury on your 10 speed! Let us know if you're in town sometime and need someone to feed you! Miss you friend!