Thursday, July 28, 2011

fantastic voyage

"come along and ride on a fantastic voyage
slide, slide, slippity slide" (Coolio - Fantastic Voyage, 1994)
unlike Coolio, i did have a car and went touring the Maritimes - 4102kms later i'm back home. it was the best of times, it was the worst of time. it is always good to be with family - sometimes, though, things can get heated. there are deep wounds in all families, and just when you think things are healing, we all get together to reopen those scabs and the fireworks begin. unfortunately, my sister and i had an argument. i don't like it. i thought our wounds were healed, only to realize we both have conversion to do. i don't like that we fought in the past. i would like things to be perfect - but of course, that is not possible. God in Jesus Christ does not call us to be perfect, but to be holy. pray for my conversion, that i continue this journey faithful to the call i have received from Our Lord, who made heaven and earth!

speaking of fantastic voyages, journeys of holiness, i'm getting ready for a whole new rollercoaster! my bags are packed, and most of my stuff is now in my new home for a couple years: St-Pierre-Apôtre Parish, Hawkesbury. in the past two weeks i celebrated a baptism, Madden, two beautiful weddings - Alex/Theresa, Tim/Janine (i'm still waiting for pictures by the way), a week with almost 50 children for our Vacation/Vocation Bible Camp, while trying to move things forward in all things IEC2012 (stay tuned for an up-to-date information page). however, after the masses this Sunday, many not so much good-byes as see-you-laters, i leave for my new parish community. of course, i'm sad to leave my family here at Annunciation, but i know God has in store for me a new family at St-Peter, the rock! pray for me that i continue to be faithful in preaching the mysteries of God, proclaiming the Good News in Our Lord Jesus Christ. peace.


  1. Blake, did you change your digits? Tried calling...

  2. no printer, no cell = happy jon. call me at the parish. over and out.