Thursday, June 02, 2011


"i could stick around and get along with You
hello oh-oh-oh-oh
it doesn't really mean that i'm into You
hello oh-oh-oh-oh" (Martin Solveig fr. Dragonette - Hello, 2010)
the following picture is hand written code which results in printing "Hello World" - the first test of all programmers! i've forgotten how many times i've done this through DOS, Basic, QBasic, VBScript, JavaScript, VisualBasic, Java, C++, and my then favourites HTML, XML and ASP. i've forgotten most of it now, but the above song reminded me of my coding days. i still dabble in HTML through this very website, and when Blogger doesn't do what i want it to do, i add my on tags, for example the delete tag. however, God, the Father, had different plans for me, He loved me too much to leave me where i was. i knew of Him, and said hello, and it didn't mean that i want't a full time relationship. who was i kidding though, only myself! He seduced me, and i let myself be seduced! today i continue to seek Him in the Word - Scripture, Eucharist. after two years i continue to go deeper in the reality of being a priest for you, and a Christian with you.

however, sometimes i, along with with my brother priests, focus too much on being a priest and not enough time on being Christian - we too need the Sacraments, we too need the Eucharist, Scripture, we too need prayer and love. therefore, things were once again being stirred up in my heart when last week i started attending CCO's Courageous Catholic conference/talks.

every Tuesday night, with CCO Canada and my brothers and sisters, at the Diocesan Centre, we go deeper in the Ultimate Relationship! i love it. the question: who am i? what is our deepest identity as Christians, as Catholics? - not only individually, but as community too! the talks and sharing goes to heart of what we are as Christians, that is children of God, in a relationship with His Son, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

my journey to the Father began like this song. i never wanted to get too close - God was a stranger to me. however, of course, He had other plans for me. then, i began knowing him better, and suddenly He was part of my life. one day, everything changed. God, in Jesus Christ, became the source, center and summit of my life. He seduced me, and i let myself be seduced. He is at the center of my life, and every day i try to understand what that really means, while striving to make Him known and loved by all.

this course brought an image to mind that i got from watching The Bourne Identity Trilogy. the first part was my favourite, and our lives are similar to Jason Bourne. we are citizens of heaven (Phil 3:20), yet find ourselves in this world and we do not know what's going on, what's going to happen, or why we are searching - but we have to know. our whole searching, our longing to know, finds it answer in Jesus Christ. that is the piece of the puzzle that frustrates us, but when He is part of our life, at the center of our life, everything changes!

there are many quotes from the movie that i enjoy, however, one of the top 3 is from Clive Owen's character, who is trying to take out Matt Damon's character. Matt's search for truth prevails, and Clive is going down, about to die, alone, in a field. "look at what they make you give," he says. look at what the world makes you give, makes me give! we forget so easily that we are beloved children of the Father, sons and daughters! look at what they make you give. Our relationship with Jesus Christ changes everything. if you know Him, there's nothing more i need to say. if you do not know Him, there's nothing i can say. however, we preach the Risen Crucified Christ, a stumbling block for the Jews, and folly to Gentiles (1 Cor 1:23). for those who are called, He is our salvation. peace.

ps: for those who are searching for me on Facebook, i'll explain later - indeed, i cut the cord, so please email me or call me.

pss: apparently the nominations are out. definitely more on this, since it will be affecting the rest of my life.

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