Thursday, February 03, 2011

who can it be now

"who can it be knocking at my door?
go 'way, don't come 'round here no more.
can't you see that it's late at night?
i'm very tired, and i'm not feeling right.
all i wish is to be alone;
stay away, don't you invade my home.
best off if you hang outside,
don't come in - i'll only run and hide.
who can it be now?" (Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now, 1981)
a little ditty hinting at the effects of sin in one's life. when Our Lord Jesus Christ comes knocking, we may say we feel tired, we are not feeling right. indeed, if we were, we'd let him into our hearts no questions asked! as i was leaving the confessional today - as the penitent - i was asking myself who can it be now? - of course, it is JC who gives me peace and joy! there's no other.

this leads me into another thought on running. i have recently mentioned how i started running. i enjoy the parallel ideas that pop into my head regarding the spiritual life. one of these, which i have already preached and talked about has to do with the talk test:
"the Talk Test is the best way to monitor yourself while jogging/running. if you are not able to talk to someone while running then you are exercising too quickly. slow down to a talk."
as the above quote reminds us, if i'm too busy for God in my life, slow down, take care of what's important, and return to the relationship with God in Jesus Christ. this talk test applies to many things:
  • if i'm too busy to email a friend, ...
  • if i'm too busy to smile, ...
  • if i'm rude on the telephone, ...
  • if i can't take time to see family and friends, ...
  • if i'm too busy to pray, ...
indeed, these may be signs that we continue the struggle with sin, and it is time to slow down. let me add another one in there:
  • if i'm too busy to feed my fish, ...
then, you know there's a problem. i had supper with friends last night who continue to coach me on how to take care of a birthday present [four fishy's] i got two months ago. i had fish, now i have a fish. once there were four, now there is one - Number One, as i liked to call him. however, after the same friends found me this great childhood book, my fish is now called Otto. as the book begins:
"'this little fish',
i said to Mr. Carp [man behind counter selling this awe-inspiring fish],
'i want him. i like him.
and he likes me.
i will call him Otto.'" - (p.3)
hopefully Otto will live long and prosper. i'm sure this little fishy will find his way into one of my homilies one day. i'll keep you posted. i have this book, and now will surprise my two nieces with it as well. i'm sure they will love it, just as i did when i was a wee young pup.

it has been a hectic few weeks, and i'm trying to wrap up a few things before i go away on a week to rest in beautiful sunny Moncton, NB. i'm off see my mom, sister, nieces, i know dad will be there too, and i look forward in seeing a couple friends as well. i'm getting ready for a couple baptisms this weekend, busy interviewing couples for wedding preparations, not to mention our new sacramental journey preparation for our children preparing for First Confession and First Communion. i'm also involved in the vocations committee here in the diocese, and we are preparing in revamping if you have any comments/concerns please keep me posted.

one last thing. i cannot not comment on the Super Bowl, eh? Pittsburgh, of course [since i did live there for a year and a half]! i'll be getting in Moncton just in time for the game on Sunday. anywho, what's caught my attention is a post over at Fr. Z's blog. somebody, a priest in Green Bay - the team that will lose vs. Pittsburgh - has apparently cancelled Sunday night mass because of this football game.

i disagree often with what Fr. Z says and writes on his website, but i must admit it makes me grow in my own spirituality, and love for the Church. this time, however, i think i agree with him:
"Solution to the Mass cancellation? Go to Church in the morning. Can’t do that? Go Saturday night. Can’t do that? Go to another parish. Can’t do that? Your are relieved of your obligation. The priest who canceled the Mass can sort things out with God."
i'm pretty sure that Coach Lombardi - one of the greatest coaches of all time, then head coach for the Green Bay Packers, after whom the Super Bowl Trophy is named - would not approve of a priest putting a sign on the front door of a Church saying there is no mass. almost sounds like Luther [Catholic priest, started Reformation]'s 95 theses in 1517, where the resulting reaction was overreaction. anywho, i've written about Lombardi before. he believed, and practiced his faith, deriving his strength from daily mass and communion. after all football is just a game, but life is forever. as Fr. Gallagher [chaplain for the Colts, who by the way lost vs. Saints last year] mentioned:
"[...] that paramount in the Colts’ spiritual preparation for the Super Bowl is the realization that when all is said and done football is a game, and win or lose, life is going to continue with its higher challenges and expectations."
peace out. see you all in a week!

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