Saturday, February 26, 2011

i'm a believer

"then i saw her face, now i'm a believer
not a trace of doubt in my mind.
i'm in love, i'm a believer!
i couldn't leave her if i tried." (The Monkees - I'm a Believer, 1966)
you may like this song - as i do-, or possibly you prefer the version by Smash Mouth (with Eddie Murphy as "Donkey" in Shrek) in 2001. i like both, indeed, especially when Donkey starts going crazy at the end - a little scit scat! i am a believer - i believe in God, the Father, God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit. this picture another fab four seems to be asking a question: "are you a believer?" or, are they asking some other question, as in "are you a
believer Belieber"?

did you hear? - Justin Beiber cut his hair. what the what? here's another story of long hair:
"In the Old Testament, Nazirites would go for long periods of time without cutting their hair to show devotion to God. Samson is one example (Judges 13-16); his strength depended upon his refraining from cutting his hair." ( on long hair)
is there a link between the two? Delilah tricked Samson, and proceeded to cut his hair, but has Beiber been tricked? does Bieber's strength depend upon his hair? time will tell! meanwhile he is busy with a new movie - which comes highly recommended by our youth group (hat tip: Danielle + Lauren). i probably won't go see it though, i'll just take their word for it.

back to Donkey's scit scatting i'm a believer! indeed, there's no doubt in my mind, i'm in love, when i saw her face i became a believer too! i love the Church, Holy Mother Church! i've given my life to God and to Her! this is the journey of a lifetime - always good times, ups and downs - of course - but there's nothing like knowing Jesus Christ! remember what Our Lord said to Peter, and to us, this past week on the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter:
"you are Peter, the rock on which i will build my Church; the gates of hell will not hold out against it." (Gospel of Matthew 16:13-19)
this week i've been busy working on vocations work (both EN + FR), a day-retreat for men discerning the priesthood (March 26), and we are trying to get up and running. hopefully next week i'll be able to give you an update. interesting Pastoral Days also at the diocese this week - again, both in French and English, on the Mission of the Church, and Old Testament Reflections for Lent, respectively. Ash Wednesday is right around the corner (see ABp's Lenten letter), and i'm already preparing for Easter Liturgies at Annunciation and at the Cathedral (as MC) as well. another thing to keep on the horizon is the International Eucharistic Congress 2012 in Dublin, Ireland - more to come on this later. have a great week. peace out!

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