Friday, October 29, 2010

i still haven't found

there's a new
council in town, The Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization. i like it. and those who like it, like it a lot! here's a quick summary. i'm excited about this, since using da Internet is yet another way to announce the Good News of Jesus Christ. of course, the peeps will be trying to understand what "new evangelization" exactly means in the context of modern means of communincation. i also like the emphasis of returning to the basics, promoting the use of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. it will indeed help us on our journey of faith. i've already seen the reality of this at work. a few of my ordination classmates have tried to create blogs anonymously. nope! here they are, please encourage them as well 1) Fr. Frank, and 2) Fr. Steve. why, well i'm thinking because of the promptings of Rocco Palmo. anywho.

this is an interesting phenomenon, eh? priests blogging (i lost count of how many i follow), and bishops too! Salt & Light has begun covering this as well! this week's questions on Perspectives is on social networking and whether or not it is making us stupid. these are excellent 30min webisodes on faith - check it out (i can't find their webisode on priests and facebook, sometime last February i think). this is our culture, and one cannot but be affected by it. i follow a few priests and bishops on facebook, twitter, and blogs as well (using Thunderbird). is not the next logical step, that one day the next Pope will have a facebook profile, twitter account, or blog? hmmm?! our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has a Youtube Channel after all! also very good!

back to the new evangelization for a second, linked to U2. these new tools, whatever they are, whatever they may become, are simply that - tools, means to an end, a way to know, love and follow Our Lord Jesus Christ! all these profiles, accounts, channels should help us know the love and mercy of God in our lives! in fact, maybe that's it ... maybe the new evangelization is all about and should be linked to God's mercy? God loves us and has mercy on us - how often, and too easily we forget. cool! peace out!

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  1. i was close. not the next Pope, but the current, Pope BXVI now has a twitter account (@Pontifex) too. follow him: