Monday, September 06, 2010

what kind of man

"what kind of man ...
what kind of man ...
tell me what kind of man Jesus is?" (Larry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers - What Kind of Man - video -, 2009)
after morning mass today, i continued with ora et labora, work and prayer. on this Labour Day, one still needs both, since work is our path to holiness. "prayer is work. work is prayer." i was reading a few things, and came across Salt & Light's Matthew Harrison's entry on Finding God in Work, which quoted Fr. Bob Wild from Madonna House. i followed his advice and continued reading.

"our work cannot become an obsession, the end-all and be-all of our lives. we must work in such a way that it leads us to the Father, taking care that we are not over-anxious in our work."
but what about Martha and Mary - Martha being worried and distracted by many things, while Mary choosing the better part? i guess no matter what, there's a tendency to become like Martha, worried and distracted by many things. work is good, indeed, so long as it leads us in doing the Father's will. there must be a balance between work and prayer, as depicted by Charlie Brown up der in da corner.

"but tell me fawdder jon, why quote this particular song, i don't recognize this one at all." that's what i said about an hour ago. Msgr. Latour is off to Montreal for a couple days and so i dropped him off at the train station. meanwhile, on the drive there i told him about my new found love! love may be a strong word here, however, there's a something a brewing in these parts! it's called
bluegrass music! i can't get enough of the guitar playing, banjo fiddlin', mandolin resonating sounds! are you with me? please? come on?!? anywho, on this drive, i turned on my XM Satellite Radio to give Msgr. L. a taste test of the Bluegrass Junction station! good times. on the way home, Larry Sparks started playing this particular song, and it made me think of Our Lord and Master, and what he might of been doing in the 30+ years at home with mom and family, working on chairs, and tables, visiting da family, preaching and playing, praying, etc. there's da link. good times.

enjoy the balance of work and prayer today. and above all, enjoy the sweet sounds of bluegrass, 24/7. peace out.

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