Sunday, August 08, 2010

your smiling face

"whenever i see Your smiling face
i have to smile myself
because i love You (yes, i do)" (James Taylor - Your Smiling Face, 1977)
4248. i remember in school, when working on graphs, etc., i kept forgetting to put down the measurements, as in years, millimeters, percentage, and in this case, kilometers! three weeks ago i left for a rest, and now i'm back, 4248kms later! i had a great time visiting family and friends! dad in Qc, mom in NB, sister in PEI. i enjoyed the drive! i listened to XM Satellite Radio for most of the trip(s = side trips to Saint John, Shediac, Fredericton, Baie Comeau, etc). now, time to get back on track with blogs, social media, and da Internet?!

i enjoyed time with family and friends, but i definitely remembered in my prayers Annunciation of the Lord, my family in Ottawa! i realized this while chilling with the VBS crew (Vacation Bible School) from a few weeks ago, and seeing everyone from Sunday and daily mass! hence the song from James Taylor! my identity as a priest is with the People of God! as a fellow priest/brother reminded me once, Love God/Love the People! that's my path to holiness. it's good to be home.

back to this XM thing! it led me to get lost a few times on those highways! in fact, laughing so hard sometimes to this Catholic guy, that i had an almost 200km detour. when i realized i was lost, i decided it's time to plug in my GPS. i made it home to mom, in time for a late supper, no worries. Lino Rulli, the Catholic guy, has a great show on XM's Catholic Channel. since i've returned, he's been mentioned by Salt & Light, and my own Archbishop, indirectly, since he was commenting on XM/Sirius Radio, who employs Lino. this particular channel is great, and i recommend it to all. it's good to be back on blogoworld. i'm off to prepare for mass! peace out.

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