Monday, August 16, 2010

not afraid

"i'm not afraid
to take a stand
come take my hand
we'll walk this road together, through the storm
whatever weather, cold or warm
just lettin you know that, you're not alone" (Eminem - Not Afraid, 2010)

there's been a few things in the paper lately - Ontario moving forward with online gambling, Ontario approving mixed martial arts - and one must take a stand. both are dangerous to our health. i'm not sure what to say about it all, however, the lack of words does not equal that i'm wrong to think this is the wrong path to walk on. indeed, if you understand the truth behind Eminem's words, than you would take his hand. just as St. Paul told some of his friends to take his, because taking Our Lord's proved to be difficult. he said follow me, and we'll walk together, through any storm. instead of leading one deeper into the truth of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ, gambling slaps you in the face and take the money from your hand. instead of loving neighbour, lending him a helping hand, mixed martial arts decides to punch you instead, and kick you while you are down. where's the Good News in either of these things? indeed, standing up for your faith is difficult sometimes. as Cardinal Ouellet said this past weekend,
"the message of truth causes suffering to those who are listening and sometimes to the one who proclaims it."
i'm off to stand, or rather run around playing Ultimate Frisbee with the youth of the parish. the week is moving fast already, with a few meetings scattered throughout. no worries, because many people have my hand, and i'm not alone. peace.

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