Sunday, April 04, 2010

the cover of the rolling stone

"rolling stone
wanna see my picture on the cover
rolling stone
wanna buy five copies for my mother
rolling stone
wanna see my smilin' face
on the cover of the rolling stone"
(Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show - The Cover of the Rolling Stone, 1973)

well, it's not the Rolling Stone, but better, seriously!!! the Knights of Columbus have a monthly magazine, Columbia. every month they have someone on the back cover sharing their journey of faith, and how they have answered God's call to embrace their particular vocation. this month, in April's edition, that would be me, Father April, as i'm now known to some. i'm there because of the tremendous help that the Knights have been for me in answering my call to the priesthood. from day one, when i was a wee seminarian, still wet behind the ears entering the seminary, throughout my six years of formation, the Knights supported me and encouraged me financially and through their prayers. many different Councils from the Archdiocese helped me take the necessary steps so that one day i may embrace the Cross of Christ. because of them, their fidelity to the Church, and their authentic Christian witness, i became a third degree knight during my internship year at St-Joseph parish in Orléans.

however, if i am there, on the back cover, it is because of God! i'm there because of His love and mercy for me! if anyone should be signing the back, or front cover, it would be Him. indeed, by the grace of God, there go i, as St. Paul taught me. it does not change the fact that i'm collecting 5copies as we speak so that i may give them to mom!

Happy Easter! last week were getting ready to rrrruuummmbllle (during Holy Week), and the Easter Triduum - Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, and today, Easter Sunday - were like a mini-marathon! i loved every minute of it. i felt the gift of the priesthood in a very special way on Holy Thursday, laid down my life again for Christ and His Church on Good Friday, and celebrated the Resurrection during the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday! the bells during the Gloria were like nothing i've ever heard before. it was beautiful!!! Christ is Risen. I have seen the Lord.

preparing for homilies takes time, and it is a big part of the priest's ministry. of course, the man of God must be rooted in prayer, and because of that reality, he has something to say, as all Christians do. the issue remains, how to say it! preparing for Sunday morn' homily, my attention veered towards Plato. the seminary opened my world to philosophy. what it taught me is that i know nothing. anywho, i recalled Plato's allegory of the cave (video). the prisoner's do not know reality, only shadows. only after they have been set free, and begin seeing things for the very first time do they come to know the truth - though difficult at first, they know not what they see, nor how to explain it. however, after their eyes get acclimatize, they start to understand, and need to share this new joy with their companions, and the world. after seeing, experiencing the light of Christ, everything changes, as we do today, the day of the Resurrection! i have seen the Lord, and now everything i knew, is transformed because of the encounter with the living God. He is Risen. Indeed, He is truly Risen. Amen! Alleluia!!!

Happy Easter. don't eat too much chocolate!

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