Thursday, March 18, 2010

keep on loving You

ouch! yep, that's a magnetic resonance image of a knee - not my knee, but maybe it will be someday soon. i busted my knee. i torn my cartilage. i can give you two versions of how i busted my left knee - the real version, or slightly exaggerated version. i thought so, so here's the super-duper version.

once upon a time, a Catholic Ninga (that's me, and yes i bought this t-shirt) was practising my art with my pastor. i was learning new things in the power of love and mercy, jumping off the ceiling with joy, trying to imitate my pastor. i couldn't keep up, fell of the ceiling fan, unto one of the pews, and landed awkwardly on my left knee leaving a crater in the floor.

"and i meant, every word i said
when i said that i love You, i meant that i'd love You forever
and i'm gonna keep on loving You
'cause it's the only thing I wanna do." (REO Speedwagon - Keep on loving You, 1980)
i had to exaggerate, slightly, since many people after telling them the truth laughed, and immediately said to spice up the parable, scoop, feature, comedy, cliffhanger, news item, report, etc. indeed, this cliffhanger was intense. the truth is that i was playing squash two weeks ago (and winning, by the way). i went to play an amazing, supper-dupper drop-shot, and as i was leaning in for the kill, BOOM! BANG! SNAP!, my knee collapses, as if deciding to play no more! i was not a happy camper, not one bit, seriously. i told my opponent, "give me a sec'". i debated, should i tough it out, walk it off?! :) would Jesus do? He would. what would mom say? "get off the court, NOW!" since i'm working on being Christ-like, i decided to listen to mom. i forfeited the game, and i tell you, that hurt more than my torn cartilage. oh well.

i walk it off last week and thought i was fine. then, get this ..., i was playing ping pong this past friday, and started running around the table (new game, good times), and as soon as i did, Boom! Bang! Snap!, i felt the same pain from a week before. this time i knew i was out. saturday morning i went to the clinic and they told me what i feared - "you are too cool, time for a little humility." that's my paraphrase. they said the cartilage is torn, probably, take some Tylenol 2s, and get out! not really, but they did say to call my family doctor, to sign up for an MRI. i have been wobbling ever since. i feel better today, but had to cancel a number of things this week. i was supposed to MC the mass at St. Patrick's Bascilica for St. Pat's day, and we have the consecration of St-Joseph, Orleans, tomorrow night where i'll have to get Daniel to cover for me again. i'm hoping to be able to walk with ease soon, which will help. however, no sports for me for two months - doctors orders (literally).

enough of this tall-tale (though, all true!). today i'm doing what the doctors told me, rest! i'm resting my knee, healing it with coffee and french toast, listening to REO Speedwagon. after which i went to celebrate the Sacrament of Confession, as the penitent. i recalled these words, "keeping on loving You." indeed, since my deaconate ordination in 2008, my priestly ordination in 2009, and since 2003, when i realized i was Christian, Catholic, i have been trying to love Him, and abide in His love, forever - that's all i want to do! wobbling down the aisle to celebrate mass was not my first option of making Him known and loved by all, however, i'm sure He knows what He's doing. leaving the confessional, i realized, it is God, who keeps on loving me, loving us - that's all He ever wants to do."

no matter how many times i fall, He'll keep loving me, loving us, and i'm finally beginning to trust in His mercy for me, a sinner. as a climber moves up the mountain, trusting in his foothold, so i trust in God's mercy and love. though i may slip, His mercy will protect me, and guide me home. i'm gonne keep on loving You. it's the only thing i want to do. love God. love neighbour. now, off to finish the weekend homily, reconciliation service for next week, and to figure out what i can do for exercise. any suggestions? peace.

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