Sunday, February 14, 2010

lost together

love is in the air! happy valentine's day to one and all. i preached about love and marriage on this World Marriage Sunday. everyone has heard about the crisis in vocation to the priesthood, but after reading a few articles, and living in the world, the real crisis is with the Sacrament of Marriage. indeed, as the Archbishop of New York said,

"We have a vocation crisis to life-long, life-giving, loving, faithful marriage. If we take care of that one, we’ll have all the priests and nuns we need for the church."

so, this past weekend i preached about the beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage! i love celebrating weddings and enjoy sharing the joy that fills the hearts of the couple, the family and the Church! i also came across Bustedhalo's site when researching articles. i enjoyed their webisodes! as a new priest, it gave me an idea of questions that need to be addressed - not only to prepare for the wedding day (one day), but for the celebration of the marriage (lifetime)!

as i was researching this and that, i came across a new show from Salt & Light Television. Perspectives is a daily 5-min summary of current topics affecting the Church, with Friday's weekend edition being 30minutes. the first weekend edition (Feb. 5, 2010 webisode) was on faith and technology. their first question peaked my interest, "should priests have a facebook profile?" hmmm, yes?

therefore, should there be some type of online presence course during the seminary formation? indeed, they commented that the next pope possibly will have had some type of presence online - facebook, blog, etc. the interview was done by the host with Most Rev. Vincent Nguyen (Canada's new youngest bishop), and Sister Marie-Paul Curley. they commented that the Church speaks through the Pope, the bishops, the priests and deacons, sisters, Christian men and women! where it was once difficult to know what the other diocese spoke and wrote about, now with technology, the Church is hear and now. indeed, this rang true as i was preparing for my Sunday homily, quoting an article from the Archbishop of New York, from a different country, where i originally got word of the article from news i follow from my twitter account. crazy or cool? technology can get out of hand, fast! that's why one needs to protect one's self from all the crap that's out there!

for example, why read blogs? i agree that once they were all a waste of time. but now, slowly, they are making their way into the media. it's a great way to share one's life experience and reality is in the details. i used to blog about my sock-with-a-hole, but hopefully i've moved past that.

q? should all priests, religious, anyone involved with evangelization have an online presence? if one can, i think it's a great idea. i believe it flows from our ministry - part of proclaiming the Gospel! i can't write everyday, but once in a while (weekly) i can blog about my faith in Christ, and how that impacts my daily life!

q? should priests have facebook profile? online presence in general? i enjoyed and was rather intrigued by this question - which was not discussed enough. however, i must vote in the affirmative. i had a profile before, and should i change that now that i'm ordained? "the glory of God is man fully alive!" rather than escape humanity, one needs to embrace humanity, as Our Lord did! blogging, technology - up to a point, helps me become who God intended me to be. it helps, but it never will take the place of another human person. it cannot.

so, answer to the question? yes. but now i'm not blogging only as a Christian with you, but as a priest for you as well. thus, i can blog, have an online presence, but only in so far as i preach Christ and not myself. i can talk about my experiences, but as Mother Theresa would say, how sad it would be if the people did not encounter Jesus Christ when seeing me, or now, reading my website, blog, facebook profile, twitter account, etc., etc.

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