Friday, January 29, 2010


in the past few weeks, there has been much talk about priests and blogging. let me summarize: i am (and, this blog are) a gift to you. Pope BXVI has wrote in his text for World Communications Day that:
"Priests are thus challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources (images, videos, animated features, blogs, websites) which, alongside traditional means, can open up broad new vistas for dialogue, evangelization and catechesis."
Amen, Alleluia! i have lost some sleep over the question, to blog or not to blog?! indeed, i have been doing this since 2000, when i was an eager, zealous programmer lost in the United States of America (Pittsburgh, PA). i pondered whether i should continue when i entered the seminary. i continue to ask the question now as a new priest. if you have been following me, undoubtedly you would have noticed the posts or lack thereof - indeed, very sporadic at best. however, now it seems my question has been answered for me!

i promise celibacy. i promise obedience. and now, i promise to blog? ok, there's no such such promise, but i now have an extra zeal to continue my website, and blog. comments/concerns are always welcomed. plus, i have a great example to follow, my own Archbishop of course has been a blogging genius since he's started! and here's a list that the CCCB encourages me to follow.

"i keep on fallin', in and out of love with You
i never loved someone the way that i'm lovin' You" (Alicia Keys - Fallin', 2001)

a friend of mine asked me last week, "what can priests possibly talk about?" learning of the new promise to blog, his reaction was negative. "the Pope has something to say, and so do bishops, but the priests?" i disagree. yes, the Pope and bishops have something to say. but the priests have something to say as well. ah, and so does every Christian man and woman! our relationship with Jesus Christ is like no other! indeed, no other person has affected me more than He. Alicia Keys described that relationship to a tee - sometimes i'm head-over-heals (my Transfiguration moments), sometimes i have difficulties following Him (my Passion moments). it does go back and forth, and that is what relationships are all about!
"i keep fallin, in and out, love with You
sometimes i love You, some, times I'm blue
sometimes i glow inside, other times You made me cry
tell me what, am i to do, i'm so confused" (from the remix version)
whether it is through the blog, or through the homily, the priest is not looking to say something, but rather has something to say! and that goes for every Christian indeed! God is always calling me into that deeper relationship with him, that journey of holiness, that journey of conversion. sometimes i feel on top of the world, other times, i have difficulty understanding why i have to do what he calls me to.

for example, i have no problem playing hockey with the parishioners (every Saturday 2-3pm'ish), going for hospital visits, preaching, celebrating the Sacraments, but ask me to deny myself and follow Christ - well, that's not a priest-thing, that's a Christian thing. we all have are good days and bad days. i've always used this blog to try to understand my relationship with God in Jesus Christ. some do apologetics, catechesis, etc. however, i will do my best to continue my blog to discuss the ups-and-downs of a man trying to follow Jesus Christ, as priest and Christian. peace.

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