Friday, November 13, 2009

be still my soul

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Eucharist, meetings, eat, sleep, repeat. the daily puzzle of a balanced life is unsolvable, i think. anywho, i keep at it. after a busy week, life gets even busier, more responsibilities, more grace! God knows my weakness, and good thing He is helping me along!

i just got off the phone with one of my brother priests and he helped me to understand that parish life is like the neverending story. not the book, but the reality itself. i've never read, or seen the movie, but i'm experiencing it in everyday life. i'm trying to finish my homily for the weekend, but phone calls and emails keep coming in. i'm aware that i have a memorial mass to celebrate with the Knights of Columbus next week, and i should prepare better, but i'm off to Toronto this coming Monday-Wednesday (for Convocation). i have a few post-it notes all over my desk with things waiting to be done. i've alreay picked up the phone a few times to apologize to this person or that person for having missed an appointment.

i still need a day off though, and it was good to be in North Bay with another brother priest. yes, we discussed vocations with several other representatives from other dioceses. but it was a good balance! since then i have had this song in my head, be still my soul, especially the version by The Priests. i had forgotten about them, my three fellow brothers in the Lord, until i heard their CD in the drive up and back from North Bay. there's always things to do, but how much more important is the time to rest in Him. how many times will i need to hear this before it sinks in?

so, with everything that is happening, the good, the bad, and the ugly, i have taken on something else in my life.

"Yo soy de Canada. Soy canadiense. Soy de Seite Islas en Quebec."

i've always wanted to learn Spanish. so, why not now, at the busiest time of my life! :) good times. hasta la vista!

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