Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sharp dressed man

i've almost forgotten how to use this blogger-thing-a-ma-gig, but i guess it's like riding a bike. here we go again, on thoughts, questions, concerns, musings, etc., etc.

like Spike here (bulldog in the fancy red sweater and top hat) i felt pretty good today. you see i've been sick for the past week. i'm just getting up now. for the past two weeks i've been fighting a cold. a good and bad story. the good part is i won. the bad part, is that it materialized itself into a chest/back infection! i've been in bed since last wednesday. nood. no good. anywho, for the first time in almost a week i put on my clerics again today! it felt good. i'm not sure if ZZ Top were thinking the same thing, but i think it may fit here. wearing my all blacks sends a message. it invites others to reflect on the presence of God in our lives, but it also reminds me of His presence in my own life! i'm thanking Him especially for health these days. it's good to celebrate mass with the People of God again, and not just privately in my room. it's good to see the world again. it's good to get a taste for coffee once again. anywho.

of all things, why Spike and Chester? well, during the time i was sick (still recovering by the way), i did nothing. absolutely nothing. it was awful, and i was glad today rolled around so that i can go out into the world again and talk to people - parishioners, friends (congrats to Jason and Susi on their new baby, Adrian), and simply get caught up on calls, emails and life. anywho, after a few days i found myself recovering which meant i could move from the bed to my couch. i sat and watched tv for an hour, and had to retreat back to bed. don't worry, about all the details, suffice to say that my favourite show was on a few times and i was entertained by Bugs Bunny and Friends. i remember getting up all those years as a child excited to watch the newest and bestest cartoons each and every saturday morning. every year there were new cartoons, however, Bugs remain the only constant! he still cracks me up.

i remember this one episode with Spike and Chester! Spike, the calm cool and collected bulldog, with a red sweater and top hat, and Chester, the annoying little terrier jumping all around pestering Spike to do stuff - "pick up some bones", "play ball" or "chase cars". at each request Spike continues picking his teeth with a tooth pick and slaps Chester down. Chester doesn't mind because he looks up to him, indeed, him and Spike are pals! then Chester has another idea, "chasing a cat". finally, they both go off in search for Sylvester. i'm not really sure where you could find the episode in its entirety, but it's very funny. now, please note, caution: don't take my analogy too far. which of these characters am i? of course, i'm Chester, the small pup, the new kid on the block, the baby priest, ready to do anything and everything - weddings, baptisms, meetings, reflections, homilies, - all in one day of course, and with no sleep. it seems that that is what i have been doing, and now i'm surprised by my chest infection? when will i learn to chill, already? i've only just begun my priestly ministry and so i'm still learning, still trying to be present to everyone, yet somehow neglecting God and blogger. i need to slow down, live the present moment and be all-cool like Spike. by the way, i shared my analogy with my pastor; he loved it! :)

so, here we go again, trying to find balance in my life, through different responsibilities, ministries, meetings, rest, prayer, exercise, etc. meanwhile, i'm going to continue to do exegesis on Bugs, to see if i may find clues on how to live life better! peace out.

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