Saturday, August 29, 2009


i remember at the seminary, so many moons ago, a few of us had a heated discussion on which version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah was the best. he wrote this simple and powerful song, but others cover it very well - better them him, some might think. i always enjoyed his music, so i'm biased a bit. however, i do enjoy this version too. anywho.

the Ottawa priests are off on retreat this week, Monday 31 August - Thursday 3 September. we are off to pray, meditate and continue our own journeys of holiness. i'm going to go work on my own broken hallelujah.
"now i've heard there was a secret chord
that David played, and it pleased the Lord."
actually, i'm going in search of something specific. i'm in search of this secret chord! sometimes i doubt the work i do. the very work i am called to do and wonder if it does please You, O Lord. it's hard to know sometimes. but like all Christians i persevere and continue my journey forward and upward.

last week we celebrated St. Augustine and St. Monica, his mom! she prayed so hard for his conversion, and now we know him as Saint Augustine. she prayed, begged, everything so he may turn to the Lord. indeed, her spiritual director once said, "surely the son of so many tears will not perish." now both are in heaven praying for us! Amen. Alleluia! i'm glad they are praying for me, especially as i begin my retreat on Monday. this led me to ponder the saying, "behind every great man there is a woman." i'm not sure if this is true always, but i'm leaning on the positive. if that's true for the married man, what about the celibate priest? Blessed Virgin Mary. of course, Mary is praying for us, and for me too. Mary is part of every Christian's life. the question is not what one should do, but how one should do it. my relationship with her is also developping.

of course, one needs to surrounds themselves with family and friends too. thanks to Katheryn + Greg, Colette, Mireille, Julie, Daniel, Pierre, for the friendship in the past couple weeks, the many emails and calls of encouragement, and of course, the holy men and women at Annunciation that continue to impress me! they encourage me to be holy.
"i'll stand before the Lord of Song
with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah."
indeed, i thank the Lord for all of you, and please know you will all be in my prayers this week! one last thing before i sign off though. the great and beautiful Archdiocese of Ottawa is now offering monthly reflections on the priesthood. His Grace asked me to do the first one, so here it is, in English and French. i forwarded this on to my parents of course. they are my biggest supporters. and my sister, Elizabeth, makes me proud once again, as i am now an uncle for the second time. she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Gabrièle! Hallelujah!!!

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